Modartt Pianoteq 4
Modartt Pianoteq 4

Pianoteq 4, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Modartt.

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manstud 02/09/2014

Modartt Pianoteq 4 : manstud's user review

«  Pianoteq 4.5 or Nord Stage 2? »

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Purchased from the first version via the group buy launch, I come back happily on Pianoteq 4.5, after a break of 18 months hardware via the Nord Stage 2 for live AND studio. It always takes time to adjust when going from a very clean Pianoteq sampled piano because the sound, the atmosphere can be confusing in this regard.
However, taking the time to compare two equal volumes (NS2 Steinway D Close Pianoteq against D4 Jazz AB without reverb), I finally looked for Pianoteq.
I still tried to get "closer" to the NS2 several levels being used on some concerts practicing Yamaha C3/C7 or Steinway Model D, with quite reactive dampers, I particularly like the ability to disable the long release of NS2, which I think brings a lot of realism and sound game (others say the same thing "with" ;)!).
Realism that I could find on Pianoteq, including through Damper settings and positioning of microphones. And there is the great advantage of the latter, since everything is adjustable, the length of the string to the position of striking point and volume of hammers, as the resonance of the soundboard, much better on the plugin.
In short, once all the settings adjusted to my way, I get a sound quality and playability well above the Pianoteq, despite the recognized qualities of excellent NS2.
To complete the proof by experience no comparison between the two in studio version: The registered last year on a project NS2 Soul sounds nonetheless digital, where Pianoteq recently placed on the soundtrack of a short film is completely illusion. Although the two musical contexts are different (against Soul jazz / classical), but to choose, especially when it comes to marry a virtual piano with real acoustic elements, the Pianoteq is needed undoubtedly. As for the marriage with a more electronic environment, too, brings the Pianoteq own living next to the "real" instruments.
Note that I only compare here the sound, the choice of a keyboard "all in one" or "master keyboard + computer" does not come into consideration, convenience fit for the purposes of course depends on the individual.
If I have not mentioned here that the model D4, U4, recently acquired, is also phenomenal as upright piano. Electric pianos (especially R2, for my taste) are also illusion, like clavinets, excellent.
In short, less than 50 MB for all these qualities that each update continues to approach perfection, what can I say except that Modartt is unbeatable on his land.