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  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys Electric Grand

    XLN Audio Addictive Keys Electric Grand - "Sounds great, but limited for live use"


    I purchased this since I was wowed by the sound of the online demos. It does indeed sound good, and the software is quite well laid out. I bought it primarily for live use, and have found out that it doesn't respond to MIDI volume change messages…

  • MOTU Electric Keys

    MOTU Electric Keys - "BUY IT"


    The MOTU Electric Keys is a vintage keyboard instrument; it comes with organs, clavinets, and electric pianos. You can use it on multiple platforms and it is very light on your CPU. When I was first thinking of purchasing it, I looked at the price t…

  • MOTU Electric Keys

    MOTU Electric Keys - "50+ classic keyboards"


    MOTU Electric Keys has been installed on my computer for a few years now, though I don’t use it much anymore. When I first purchased it I was really excited about it, then it kind of got put aside. It is a vintage keyboard VST that has some electric …

  • Apple EVP88

    Apple EVP88 - "found it"


    I have been using EVP 88 in logic pro for a while now. I actually stumbled upon this vst plug in when I was just going through some extra stuff in logic. I have never heard or even thought of using this if I didn’t just stumble across it while just g…

  • Andreas Ersson LazySnake [Freeware]

    Andreas Ersson LazySnake [Freeware] - "freeware, must download"


    The Andreas Ersson Lazy Snake is a freeware vst plug in that takes a few seconds to download and install. I was so happy that it was free and easy to install. I was actually surprised with how good it sounds and how small of a file it actually was. Y…

  • Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-1

    Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-1 - "upgrade to the newest version"


    Applied Acoustics systems Lounge Lizard EP -1 can be used on either mac or pc. I have used it on both and it works perfect. There really isn’t a platform or operating system that it wont work in. I have used it in several different sequencing softwar…

  • MrTramp [Donationware] MrTramp [Donationware] - "free"


    Mr Tramp is a free vst plug in that features all different effects of a real instrument like the noise of hammers and dampers. The vst is very very easy to use, I havent really had any other vst’s that are this simple there are only 8 or…

  • Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

    Native Instruments Elektrik Piano - "buy "


    The Native Instruments Elektrik Piano can be purchased for a great price from native instruments site. Any one who has used Native Instruments stuff before knows how good the vst’s the make are going to be. I usually always keep my eye out on Native …

  • Neo-Soul Keys Fender Rhodes Plugin

    Neo-Soul Keys Fender Rhodes Plugin - "soul"


    The Neo Soul Keys is a library that is used with Kontakt player. Good thing is Kontakt Player is free to download from Native Instruments site, so all you have to do is download that and then use the Neo Sould Keys library of sound with it and you wi…

  • Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

    Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection - "would buy again"


    Scarbe Vintage Keyboard caught my eye after downloading and using a demo of it. For some reason I don’t think they I found this vst in any American stores online. I ended up paying about 130 Euros for it from over seas. But once I paid, I was giving …