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stompboxjon 07/05/2012 MrTramp [Donationware] : stompboxjon's user review

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Mr Tramp is a free vst plug in that features all different effects of a real instrument like the noise of hammers and dampers. The vst is very very easy to use, I havent really had any other vst’s that are this simple there are only 8 or 9 knobs on it and that is it. There are no menus or anything to navigate through.


It was very easy to install, probably the easiest installation that I have ever experienced in loading vst’s into my computer. I have only used this on windows based systems. I am not sure how it works on a mac or if it even does work with a mac. You would need to check with the website to see if you can use it for your mac.


All of the editing you do will show up in real time. No waiting or any other problems. Any time you tweak a knob you will hear the difference right off the bat and you can really do some cool stuff with it if you take the time to experiment and mess around. It does have a built in tremolo and best of all. It is a free vst! What more could you want, a free vst that is very cpu light and easy to use and great to have around in your vst plug in collection. There is no doubt , Mr Tramp Soundfonts is a must have for anyone. You need to go download this right away, it will only take a few seconds to download and throw it in your vst folder and you will be good to go! Free is always good, and I love free.Mr Tramp is a great electric piano model! All sounds are 100 percent real and not sampled at all or at any time. It doesn’t get much better for the free world of vst’s.