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Virtual Electric Pianos user reviews

  • Digidesign Velvet

    Digidesign Velvet - "couldnt ask for more"


    Digidesign Velvet can run on a mac or a pc. If you are using a pc it can run on xp or vista computers and if you are using a mac its only for Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 intel only. So those are things that you will need to keep in mind before you even t…

  • Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-3

    Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-3 - "A flexible, unique rhodes soft synth"


    Applied Acoustics System's take on an electric piano synthesizer plugin is unlike the rest. It is not based on samples from the real Rhodes or Wurlitzer pianos, yet it sounds surprisingly real, and it infinitely more flexible. Immediately, you'll see…

  • Native Instruments Scarbee Vintage Keys

    Native Instruments Scarbee Vintage Keys - "One of the best sampled libraries I have every used."


    This package contains only multi-sampled instruments. These instruments are designed to be used in Native Instruments Kontakt. If you are familiar with Kontakt, then these instruments will pose no problems. Simply load them into your set, set the…

  • Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

    Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection - yoTrakkz's review


    The Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection is a pretty good instrument plug in for your daw or whatever type of program that you are using. When you are using these sounds on the Scarbee Vintage Keyboard you can control most of the parameters of each in…

  • Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

    Native Instruments Elektrik Piano - "Best Wurly Sounds I've found"


    It's made to work in the kontakt environment which is where I use it. I'm not the biggest fan of the kontakt interface but it is a really convenient way to group a lot of got instruments together. Native Instruments plays things pretty much by the …

  • Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection

    Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection - "Sweet sounds that won't break your back"


    These are multi sample instruments. Yes, the general configuration is very simple. When you open them up in Kontakt 4, they appear as Racks. You can tweak most of the normal features (as in the knobs and buttons found on the actual instruments) fr…

  • Apple EVP88

    Apple EVP88 - moosers's review


    The Apple EVP88 is an electric piano virtual instrument that comes as part of Apple's Logic Pro and Logic Studio. It's one of the main instruments included in the software and can only be used within Logic as far as I know. However, it is it's own …

  • Genuine Soundware / GSi ZD6

    Genuine Soundware / GSi ZD6 - songboy's review


    Unlike a few other of GSi's plugins (read other gsi reviews) this one has absolutely no compatibility issues.  It loaded up great and works great everytime. I have never referenced the manual and frankly can't ever see myself doing so.  The setup is …

  • Genuine Soundware / GSi EG70

    Genuine Soundware / GSi EG70 - songboy's review


    I run a Macbook with Logic 9 and ableton 7.  This plugin has the same issue as the Mr.Ray 73mk2.  When you first start it up, it has to "warm up."  What I mean by that is the audio will cut in and out for around 3o seconds.  After 30 seconds, it does…

  • Genuine Soundware / GSi Mr Ray 73mkII

    Genuine Soundware / GSi Mr Ray 73mkII - songboy's review


    I run a Macbook with Logic 9 and Ableton 7.  I have had no compatibility functions.  But, I do have this strange problem when I start up the plugin.  It cuts in and out a few times, especially when I play hard on the keys.  After about 30 seconds it …