Neo-Soul Keys Fender Rhodes Plugin
Neo-Soul Keys Fender Rhodes Plugin

Fender Rhodes Plugin, Virtual Electric Piano from Neo-Soul Keys.

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djama 10/27/2011

Neo-Soul Keys Fender Rhodes Plugin : djama's user review

«  a great Rhodes piano emulation »

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no problems with installation kontakt 5. For cons I do not feel we can add it in print (with the pretty interface on the left and the browser for all patches), but I may be poorly managed.
Other than that, just load a patch either drop or by searching the file browser and it works spot on!
I do not know if it works on the kontakt player on the other hand.


on a macbook pro core2duo 2.66 ghz a core and a small presonus AudioBox USB, it works perfect, no lag or crash or anything. I just tried to stand alone for now, but I imagine it will be like in a daw.
Not too long to load more, I expected worse.


I just buy it.
Well, at the base jsuis a big fan of Rhodes, and especially soul, nu soul, funk, jazz funk, well within the target. And I'm really not disappointed!
it sounds the death! The vibrato is really beautiful, it's not the pipe.
I plug the output through the speakers of my old p150, and it sends the wood! I do not know what happens in a mix (the demo is pretty good), but playing live is super nice, I feel like Glasper.
I tested the Scarbee, and recently I bought the Komplet element, so I used the mark comes with a rhodes or of logic. They sound good, even though they are quite different. But here, the NSS is still more enjoyable to play anyway, and even more realistic. And he's also a quite different. They are quite complementary.

For the price, I would not know, for just over € 70 it's true that we have an instrument, but it is really good.
Anyway, I'm happy. To see if I get tired over time.