maxim|digital audio ePiano [Freeware]
maxim|digital audio ePiano [Freeware]

ePiano [Freeware], Virtual Electric Piano from maxim|digital audio.

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D4p0up 11/15/2004

maxim|digital audio ePiano [Freeware] : D4p0up's user review


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Installation is simple, the windows installer is responsible for extracting the file in your favorite plug-in. Feel free to copy the plugin DLL or you want to keep a copy ... It's simple and effective.


I use it for 10 months on a PIII 1GHz / 384 RAM / CXS
It's a real treat: the sound is very believable, with a pronounced attack and release soft. Caution is a free product, and it's free Electric Piano that sounds the best I have ever met. The ringing brings back Herbie Hancock!
Only problem: no GUI
Cons: almost no cpu use


A plug that sounds right and good.