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Warwick Streamer user reviews

  • Warwick Streamer Stage I 4

    Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by astroperenoel/translated from Audiofanzine FR) My model was made in 1988 and it is different from recent ones. This 4-string bass guitar with golden hardware was built in Germany. 24 bronze frets, active EMG pickups …

  • Warwick Streamer LX 6

    Warwick Streamer LX 6 - "Warwick Streamer LX"


    This bass just felt right in my hands the first time I picked it up at the Guitar Center. It was love at first playing. This how a bass is supposed to feel in your hands. I was looking for a P/J pickup combination. This bass has it. I paid $1000…

  • Warwick Streamer Stage I 5

    Warwick Streamer Stage I 5 - " The bomb!"


    Low made in 2005 in Germany, 24 frets put on a striped ebony fingerboard, neck-through in several strips of maple and other wood (edit). The wings of the body are also maple. Standard pitch for low: 34 inches. Warwick bridge into two parts, adju…

  • Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 Fretless

    Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 Fretless - pizzarco's review


    German made very carefully. All maple, neck-through with ebony fingerboard. Active pickups and preamp MEC: simple and effective. UTILIZATION Handle rather late for WW. easy access everywhere regular and stable over time. I did not need to touch…

  • Warwick Streamer Stage I 4

    Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 - xbassman_K's review


    Before anything else, let me say that this bass is no longer in my possession. Warwick Streamer Stage I made in germany in 1989. Maple body, neck-through 5 parts wenge / maple, ebony fingerboard. Oiled finish. Golden hardware. Equipped with adj…

  • Warwick Streamer LX 4

    Warwick Streamer LX 4 - " Great tool!"


    Warwick Streamer LX4 "made in germany" 2012 AAA flamed maple body finish "natural oil finish" 3D Ultra adjustable easel warwick Handle three parts made of wenge and ovangkol in touch with 24 frets, nut brass adjustable Freight Bronze: super …

  • Warwick Streamer Jazzman 4

    Warwick Streamer Jazzman 4 - Qill's review


    all is said in the previous comment RAS it lacks overlay for numbered boxes of the handle, otherwise stick round type is not made in the slim Ibanez UTILIZATION RAS SOUNDS It has a fairly wide range of his groovy / funky jazz / fusion, prog…

  • Warwick Streamer Stage II 4

    Warwick Streamer Stage II 4 - " Ho p # # t # # b # # of # # # # # # # d"


    "Handmade in West Germany", a relic of a past time, I got this bass a hand xth in 2011 following an exchange. The finish is "burgundy red stain high polish" (therefore, bordeaux transparent varnish). Specific level, the body is in Afzelia, the ha…

  • Warwick Streamer LX 4

    Warwick Streamer LX 4 - " A super low!"


    Made in Germany, 97 years, this bass has a great look. P-jazz configuration, eq. MEC 2-band (which I changed to a Glockenklang 3-band), MEC active pickups. The settings are flying. ball. severe acute for the MEC, and theft, ball, stacked bass / tre…

  • Warwick Streamer Stage I 4

    Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 - " Why look for another?"


    Handcrafted in Germany and consisting exclusively of elements Warwick and MEC. Jym purchased from Music in 1993, honey-colored oiled. One of the first GIGBAG flexible (which were not yet known Rockbag) after that Warwick has decided to remove the l…