Warwick Streamer Stage II 4
Warwick Streamer Stage II 4

Streamer Stage II 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Streamer Stage II series.

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Urban Koala 02/21/2012

Warwick Streamer Stage II 4 : Urban Koala's user review

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"Handmade in West Germany", a relic of a past time, I got this bass a hand xth in 2011 following an exchange.
The finish is "burgundy red stain high polish" (therefore, bordeaux transparent varnish).
Specific level, the body is in Afzelia, the handle 24 brass frets crossing is 7 parts Wenge / Afzelia. This mixture of wood gives a very warm, singing, high oriented mediums, already empty. The benchmarks are key-shaped yinyang, pearl, it's pretty classy!
Basically, it was equipped with two microphones and an electronic BARTOS two strips of the same brand, I did not like at all. So to change a config MEC preamp (like the latest) 3 bands, which I did add a passive tone, history of having a real passive mode. Then, I paired it all with two jazz pickups Delano JMVC FEM2 (memory ... It is those with large ferrite blocks).
Otherwise, hardware warwick classical 3D easel into two parts, saddle height adjustable, mechanical warwick ... This is a 4 string.
(I put only 9 because of microphones and electronics Barto ...)


The neck is very thin compared to most recent Warwicks. The interface is excellent, although the instrument is a bit heavy.
Access to acute is like a streamer, very good I think. This may be because I play my bass a little high.
Whatever the settings, it sounds god of fire!


I mainly play jazz, except when it comes to bullshit on this board! : Love:
We can go sounds roots'' 70 years by boosting the midrange, sounds groovy and felted like Erika Badu, slap, it's madness, you can dig at will, the highs are very prominent and severe. .. If they are pushed to the bottom, where the drummer committed suicide, with the rest of the band!
In passive mode, it's like a supercharged Jazzbass!
The electronics and pickups are very transparent, it still feels "the sound of wood", which made the reputation of the brand.
on the other hand, the legendary growl Warwicks, that I found on my streamer lx, is more discreet, but I think this bass is for anything other than make boom boom, it's an invitation to the chorus!


It's been two months that I have it in its final configuration. I had plenty of bass, fender (the deluxe mex to us by way of signature models ...), of Warwick, a jim harley ...
I never played on a bass as well! I compared it to a Fodera emperor at my luthier after configuration change, well there's no picture, I prefer my 'wick!
What I love most: incredible sustain, harmonics of madness, a sensitivity that defies comprehension!
What I like least: its varnish, but who cares ... Well that because of that, I put him than 9. Ah, if only it was oiled, I'll be in paradise!
PS: the photos are from before the upgrade ...)