Warwick Streamer Stage I 4
Warwick Streamer Stage I 4

Streamer Stage I 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Streamer Stage I series.

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xbassman_K 06/10/2014

Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 : xbassman_K's user review


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Before anything else, let me say that this bass is no longer in my possession.
Warwick Streamer Stage I made in germany in 1989.
Maple body, neck-through 5 parts wenge / maple, ebony fingerboard. Oiled finish. Golden hardware.
Equipped with adjustable easel typical Warwick in all directions and a brass nut.
Pickups P / J Guy (or EMG I really do not know) and active electronics (passive or by push / pull on the volume knob) 2 band eq + balance that goes with it.

There's no getting around it, the quality is outstanding except for a small electronic sake of (see below).


Ergonomics issue, I would say first that this is not particularly low light, it is still quite heavy (because of the maple probably), but fortunately perfectly balanced. One of its selling points at the time was its playing comfort thanks to ergonomically cut body ... Yeah ... Personally and honestly, I never saw any advantage over my Fender time (Jazz and PB). At the grip I have not been struck by a particular comfort and long it was even reversed because its upper horn was causing me pain (and even blue!) On the coast just below the heart!
The handle was a treat on the other hand with its flat profile and just enough modern narrow it takes!

I put a 7 due to weight and sore ribs which made me a little poisoned the existence ...


There is a first class. She can do anything! However, it has the defect of its qualities, because you know everything, it does not in my opinion a real identity. It has always bothered me in some way, but I admit this is purely subjective. Something that does not really appealed to me is that either active mode, there is always a kind of bump to 250 Hz and a high medium quite dug that does not help to pierce a mix at all times despite an output level of bison, and brings this sound a little "quack" to jazzeux quite expensive (but personally I hate). In short not a fan of onboard preamp. Especially that after 3 years of use the preamp in question began to have intermittent failure due to moisture (perspiration probably my) when agitated concerts. A bass that price is not jojo ...

I put 1 July because it remains objectively an excellent level ...


It was in my possession 5 years. For new purchase in a store, I gave in exchange a Fender Precision 1969 and money! And in retrospect it was a mistake, because until today I have never ceased to regret my old Precision. Even if it is 2 low to none. More aesthetically, I liked it less, but it does not come into play because it is again purely subjective. So, I ended up separating me and I have absolutely never regretted.
With the experience I would do this naturally does not error, as well as for those who love this kind of low, it has a rather unfavorable value for money. So quite pragmatic, Cort Artisan A4 gives almost as much for a fraction of the price ... But for sure there's no written over Warwick ... So should know what you want ...