Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 Fretless
Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 Fretless

Streamer Stage I 4 Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Warwick in the Streamer Stage I series.

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pizzarco 07/18/2014

Warwick Streamer Stage I 4 Fretless : pizzarco's user review


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German made very carefully. All maple, neck-through with ebony fingerboard.
Active pickups and preamp MEC: simple and effective.


Handle rather late for WW. easy access everywhere regular and stable over time. I did not need to touch the trussrod years. Ergonomics is his forte and perfect balance.


The sound is typical fretless but more both more precise and wider than the Fender, without breath or buzz. She keeps her personality on any amp and even live on a PA system.


2 microphones allow a wide range of sound from low bass to singing acute medium.
on the other hand it is not suitable for all styles (metal: no) and slap does not work above.

The only defect is its new price I found excessive even with his great qualities. I found mine in secondhand and I am delighted.