Warwick Streamer LX 4
Warwick Streamer LX 4

Streamer LX 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Streamer LX series.

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kamtar35 08/06/2008

Warwick Streamer LX 4 : kamtar35's user review


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Made in Germany 1998
24 frets
A micro and a micro precision Jazz MEC Active
table Saddle marshes, wenge neck classic 3 parts, brass nut
mcaniques dores
A volume button (switchable active / passive)
An acute one and a low balance potentiomtre rglage microphones


Channel trs though more enjoyable "pais" than average, ACCS Acute easy, good sustain. Less prcis of r and G strings (dj problem encountered on a corvette WW).
Although balance and you do not feel its too 4 kg.
Warwick is above all the low types that have the characters. As for some low high marks we like it or not. no need to compare Fender, MM and others.

edit of 15/07/2011
After a few concerns mtal rod in the handle that vibrated (not the trussrod) I did change the key (BNE). Now everything is nickel;) and she saw me too!


I've mostly rock (prog, rock 70's) mainly Thurs fingers, no slap (but be great).
It's a bass that has a lot of power and more personality than the Corvette. The spectrum is REPRESENTATIVES (acute, med, low) to give a quick rglage balance.
I played on Trace Eliot, Eden, Acoustic, Peavey, always with much pleasure.


I bought OCCAZ 9 months ago.
I love its power. INTERESTED Possde a sound spectrum. May be lack of "crystal" but I do not drang what I want out.
Even when a default, varnish and wood are somewhat fragile, it is quickly registered (and yet I'm like "maniac").
I had a WW standard corvette active before, and frankly there's no picture, outside of the handle that is identical (except the saddle) the Streamer has more characters and sound balance, many more p che in med / high.
I do not regret that choice. the report is qualitprix trs good (700/800 euros OCCAZ).