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Thread unread[Getting started] Recording drums — Aligning the kick drum tracks[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho5504/13/2017 10:50
by Nantho
Thread unreadThread to be solvedSpirit Monitor 2 32 console, one intermittent stereo aux output channel[Soundcraft Spirit]0ttoonz4104/11/2017 14:13
by ttoonz
Thread unread[Getting started] Comparative A/B listening[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho7604/10/2017 04:48
by Nantho
Thread unreadApril 1, 2017 editorial: comments[Audiofanzine]5Mike Levine9004/08/2017 08:08
by moclan
Thread unreadScarlet 2i2[Focusrite]0Lijong7004/05/2017 20:13
by Lijong
Thread unread[Getting started] Recording drums — The kick drum (Part 1)[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho6704/05/2017 11:30
by Nantho
Thread unread[Getting started] The Wet/Dry/Wet Technique[Sound Techniques]1FloSon58004/04/2017 04:27
by stevie f
Thread unreadCan Focusrite Scarlett Solo be used for computer sounds playback[Computer Music Gear]0Marion Blair5604/03/2017 17:55
by Marion Blair
Thread unread[Getting started] Critical listening in a home studio[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho12504/03/2017 04:48
by Nantho
Thread unreadComments about the tutorial: "How to Enhance a Mix with Saturation"[Unit Audio Micro-Unit]1DietzDD8004/01/2017 00:06
by bebi9x
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: West is Thriving in the East[Sound Techniques]0Mike Levine8803/31/2017 16:11
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadFocusrite Control for scarlet 18i8 gen2[Focusrite]1Steve Krall9603/31/2017 07:14
by AlexFocusrite
Thread unread[Getting started] Recording drums — The snare drum (Part 2)[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho7403/30/2017 15:05
by Nantho
Thread unreadHelp regarding the Scarlett Solo 2nd gen + MXL 770[Focusrite]0Harry Sidwell6503/30/2017 09:09
by Harry Sidwell
Thread unreadQuestion about 18i8 extra outputs with DAW (for send/return external effects)[Focusrite]5Tryce15803/30/2017 08:14
by AlexFocusrite
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