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Thread readScarlett 2i2: Popping and device disconnectingGo directly to the latest post[Focusrite Scarlett]33Joonasamuel4293505/27/2017 22:10
by Kazimierz Kosciusko
Thread readThread to be solvedGuitar Delay pedals / plug-ins with delay times in ms[Guitars]0Billy Blind Boy12105/27/2017 20:16
by Billy Blind Boy
Thread read[Getting started] How to tell when a mix is done?[Recording & Mixing]2Nantho22505/27/2017 11:22
by 2Kings315
Thread readScarlett 18i20 and 48-point patchbay[Focusrite Scarlett]3mburnslaw23605/26/2017 21:30
by angelie
Thread readUnwanted noise from 18i20 Headphone out[Focusrite Scarlett]1austinwoodward3316905/25/2017 05:06
by angelie
Thread read[Getting started] The Top Guitar Pickup Brands[Guitar Pickups]5FloSon185405/24/2017 06:21
by Blue Xrysalis
Thread read[Getting started] Recording drums — Panning[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho12705/23/2017 03:00
by Nantho
Thread read[Getting started] Recording drums - A matter of perspective[Recording & Mixing]1Nantho28505/22/2017 05:46
by dave scar
Thread readComments about the feature article: Transparent Vocal Pitch Correction[Recording & Mixing]2Craig Anderton192905/21/2017 10:05
by sustainpunch
Thread readVjing in ableton[Ableton Live 9]0satanicalbots10905/20/2017 12:39
by satanicalbots
Thread readAKAI MPD-32 Footswitchs Problem & More...[Computer Music]0RomerDeCaracas12805/19/2017 18:27
by RomerDeCaracas
Thread readHelp please!! Tascam US-1800 won't turn on[Tascam US-1800]0Mikeymike93711605/17/2017 20:20
by Mikeymike937
Thread readMy US-1800 isn't working, need help![Tascam US-1800]8karmapolice220505/17/2017 20:15
by Mikeymike937
Thread read[Getting started] Blind testing[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho13705/17/2017 10:07
by Nantho
Thread readCrackling Noises Scarlett Solo / Windows 7 64bitGo directly to the latest post[Focusrite Scarlett Solo]31LuckyDevl3532805/16/2017 17:42
by bizzleclaw
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