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Thread unreadUA Apollo or Apogee Ensemble and why?[External Audio Interfaces]3hardknockstudios9210/15/2014 09:07
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadThread to be solvedKRK Rockit 5 (RPG2) Intermittent fault[KRK]4EverythingIsNothing14510/15/2014 00:37
by dirtyAC30
Thread unreadanyone try behringer's minimon mon800 and miniamp amp800?[Behringer]5kevin8015210/14/2014 03:53
by newjazz
Thread unreadThread solvedService Manual for Fostex 3070 Compressor needed![Studio & Home Studio]1steinkopff26610/12/2014 13:31
by steinkopff
Thread unreadOctober 11, 2014 editorial: comments[Audio Fanzine]1Mike Levine16810/11/2014 11:17
by Nacho O
Thread unreadDynamic Mics sound poor with my vocals, am I doing something wrong?[Dynamic Microphones]2thegrimreaper17510/10/2014 07:44
by clinicallyguitarded
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: The Thunderbolt Ensemble[Apogee Electronics Ensemble (2014)]1Mike Levine16210/10/2014 06:37
by greenberet
Thread unreadDuct tape on pickups?[Guitars]2pouzzler12310/10/2014 02:38
by pouzzler
Thread unread18i20 randomly crashes...[Focusrite]1Keistaszmogelis12810/10/2014 02:25
by Simon Focusrite
Thread unreadThread to be solvedChanging the 18i20 Line in?[Focusrite]3Keistaszmogelis15210/10/2014 02:17
by Simon Focusrite
Thread unread[Getting started] Mixing with myself…or not![Recording & Mixing]0Nantho11810/09/2014 22:58
by Nantho
Thread unreadOctober 4, 2014 editorial: commentsGo directly to the latest post[Audio Fanzine]14Mike Levine256510/09/2014 09:54
by ryan.roullard
Thread unreadWhere to get free stems or raw tracks to practice mixing?[Recording & Mixing]2david_wilson10610/09/2014 08:09
by DAWesome
Thread unreadIdeal way to get crisp, believable distorted guitar tone with VSTs?[Recording & Mixing]4liveandletdie15710/09/2014 01:00
by panning for gold records
Thread unread[Getting started] Our Favorite Music Documentaries[Getting Started]3Red Led175710/08/2014 05:44
by BroKen91
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