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Thread unreadMaking the vangelis'CS80 on the Jupiter 80.[Roland Jupiter-80]2Studioliv6905/08/2016 11:52
by Studioliv
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: The Golden Age of British Recording[Books & Methods]4Mike Levine12605/08/2016 09:59
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadConnecting an old tascam M80 mixing board to my audio interface[Studio & Home Studio]2Dmurph7805/07/2016 09:15
by Dmurph
Thread unreadThread to be solvedFostex 812 Mixer Missing Power Cord?[Fostex 812]1Jack Mike Mazzella60605/07/2016 05:17
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: Producing for the Art of It[Waves Greg Wells]0Mike Levine6705/06/2016 13:09
by Mike Levine
Thread unread[Getting started] The Last Note[Getting Started]0Mike Levine5605/05/2016 15:59
by Mike Levine
Thread unread[Getting started] Of Suspensions and Magnets[Speakers/Drivers]0poussebouton6205/04/2016 06:02
by poussebouton
Thread unreadHelp for open Pro Tools LE sessions in PT 12[Software Sequencers]3joelouis11205/03/2016 14:21
by joelouis
Thread unread[Getting started] The Use of Delay[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho7205/02/2016 06:29
by Nantho
Thread unreadApril 30, 2016 editorial: comments[Audiofanzine]5Mike Levine20205/01/2016 13:27
by Mike Levine
Thread readComments about the review: Mod About You[Keeley Electronics Mod Workstation]0Mike Levine8404/29/2016 16:41
by Mike Levine
Thread readDrum Editing in Pro Tools[Computer Music]0oneflightup9204/29/2016 04:03
by oneflightup
Thread readComments about the review: JMP for Joy[Universal Audio Marshall JMP 2203]2Mike Levine22004/28/2016 12:09
by Mike Levine
Thread read[Getting started] Reverb Tools of the Trade[Getting Started]0Nantho6404/27/2016 08:53
by Nantho
Thread readguitar strings[Washburn WP130S]2postmanpat10604/27/2016 08:08
by postmanpat
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