Zoom A2
Zoom A2

A2, Multi-Effect for Acoustic Guitar from Zoom in the A series.

Tin-Man 06/12/2006

Zoom A2 : Tin-Man's user review


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Available in effect, there are the traditional chorus, flanger, delay, reverb ....
It's all digital, with .... I do not know, something to the inside .... Anyway it seems to have everything plugged into the lamp .....

My colleague who gives his opinion below, note that the effects are not edited, well then I'm not quite agree. Can we say they are editable from the time where you can touch the parameters? If so, then they are editable. It can also edit and save its own chaining effects, with their attendance and action.

It's a pedal, so editing is intuitive and fast, everything is done to the ear ... we not spend his time to watch the screen as it comes down to a display quartz watch .. . perso ca does not bother me, however, it learns to work with its leaves, it's not bad.


The config is simple and generally well thought out.

For editing sounds, the manual is, in my opinion, mandatory. Except for the large pro who has a habit of fiddling with buttons, full of English words ....
For the newbie pretending that I'm editing a sound on an electronic machine, the tattoo on my forearm manual is mandatory ....


I think the effects over the top.
I'm using this "pedal" with a Takamine EF508C. This is the lens, the Péchu, the soft .... you do what you want with, even sounds that come out of the register branque guitar ...

There is an emulation of models among 15ene + big guitars. There is happiness.
You can listen qq examples here: https://www.zoom.co.jp/english/download/demosound/demo_a2series.php
The drum pattern is a more integrated that can work more fun compared to a ticking metronome.


I use the Bouzin for 1 week.

Not only I would do this but I choose not afford it during the G2 is the twin brother of A2 but for the electric guitar.
Less than 100 euros and you guys sound models of the fire god ....

10 years ago, to have an effect of this quality, it cost 100 + times ...

My choice is made!