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Alesis QuadraVerb user reviews

  • Alesis QuadraVerb

    Alesis QuadraVerb - "amazing rack for the money"


    This rack is wonderful, I would recommend always using an FX loop with this, or a Main In. I run this quadraverb PLUS with my strymon timeline into the fx loop of my AXE FX 2, it sounds amazing. through an amp it'd sound good but it'd be way better w…

  • Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2

    Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2 - "Alesis Q2 thru Marshall JMP1"


    That's the rig I've used for about 17 years now, a Q2 in the effects loop of a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. Great, lush sounds, if properly adjusted. Convenient when you can run up to 8 effects at once! Saves space on the floor. No compression, though. Min…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - "Complicated possibilities "


    This unit works both in analog (1/4" jack) and digital (ADAT). You get MIDI comparability in regards to switching between presets along with on the fly changes. When using it, in the digital domain, you need to use the word clock 48kHz input, in orde…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb

    Alesis QuadraVerb - moosers's review


    The Alesis Quadraverb is a multi-effects processor, mostly focusing on reverb and delay processing. I haven't used the in depth features of the Quadraverb, but I've used it enough to get a good gist of what it can and cannot do. As far as connectio…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - xpacman's review


    Hello sorry for the late reply. the Quadraverb 2 is a multi completely awesome and very easy indeed. The effects are like any equipment to type standards, reverb echo time etc ... Of course they are fully editable on the front of the machine, t…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb

    Alesis QuadraVerb - " Given a facelift to its Quadraverb"


    Quadraverb + for reverbs and delays, it's digital, plugged into the effect of my amp or a mixer loop. It was a bit of what was best for the public 20 years ago, plus it's easy enough to find one on Ebay. Everything is editable as racks that time, b…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - " good multi effect to start"


    1U rack with external transformer. Digital. 2 inputs 2 soties symmetrical inputs and outputs digital optical. Inputs and outputs for MIDI control. different types of delay, reverb, pitch, chorus, auto-pan, distortion. You can create effects…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - " enormous opportunities"


    Analog / ADAT (2 channels) / worldclock / midi / Switch UTILIZATION I use it on the guitar / vocals / keyboard mix or before registration. SOUND QUALITY To be honest, there are better quality aillor level of reverb / delay / mod but I do not …

  • Alesis QuadraVerb GT

    Alesis QuadraVerb GT - " Good multi-effects, distortion type"


    He yaa little prs all the effects that the standard can be found on a multi-effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, reverb, delay, ping-pong, etc.. There is a qualisation plutt flexible and efficient (I got) and an effect of rsonateur ring. Every…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - alexiscao's review


    There are four sets of effects: Equalizer, Pitch, Delay, Rverb (more than a dozen DIFFERENT and settings). Under the Family EQ: filters, quas band (3 5), Trmolos, Stro simulator, overdrive (!), Triggered panning and phase inverter. Family pitch: …