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Korg Analog Modeling Synths user reviews

  • Korg microKORG XL+ Classic

    Korg microKORG XL+ Classic - "Go Limited Edition"


    The MicroKorg XL can be purchased in a few different versions and colors. I have the limited Edition all black MicroKorg and it cost 515 dollars brand new. It has 37 keys and comes with a built in 16 band vocoder. There are a total of 128 sounds on …

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - "Classic"


    The MicroKorg is an analog synth with a built on microphone and 8 band vocoder. I have had the MicroKorg since 2007 and I still use it a lot. There are 128 programs with a total of 4 voices. It is very portable because it is light and small plus ve…

  • Korg R3

    Korg R3 - "let the fun begin"


    The Korg R3 is a small and portable synthesizer that has a built in vocoder in it. It has a microphone input a front panel XLR input and a ¼ phone jack. There are also outputs for MIDI in out and thru, plus MONO right and left outputs and ¼ headphone…

  • Korg MS2000

    Korg MS2000 - "Great analog board"


    The Korg MS 2000 is a analog modeling synthesizer that has about a three octave range. It has a pitch wheel as well as some modulation sliders. It then has knobs to scroll between different presets, and to control different parameters of each. It ha…

  • Korg microKORG XL

    Korg microKORG XL - ericthegreat's review


    On delivery of this little keyboard wonder, I first thought: "KORG have put out a toy piano". However, on powering it up and pressing the keys, I was soon to realize this was no toy! I tried out all the pre-programmed instruments, from both the A & …

  • Korg microKORG XL

    Korg microKORG XL - moosers's review


    The Korg MicroKorg XL is a mini version of the ever popular Korg MicroSynth. I prefer this one to the original as it's easier to use in my opinion. It consists of many of the same features, including a built in microphone for vocoding, but it has a…

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - "Korg microKorg"


    Alright, I bought this because every single other band was using this keyboard. If you need to channel a rocket ship at the beginning of a song or track a hypnotic melody line over top of a pop song this keyboard will do it. The Korg microKorg W…

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - mooseherman's review


    This is a digital synth that has three octaves. There are connections for a microphone (input) as well as a 1/4" output for amplifiers and PAs. There's also an XLR out. The Microkorg has a built-in vocoder which is the reason for the microphone. Ther…

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - moosers's review


    The Korg MicroKorg is a three octave synth with a huge variety of uses. It has pitch and modulation wheels, as well as a built in vocoder and a 1/4 inch output to send the signal to your amp. The synth has all different types of lead synth sounds, pa…

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - spiritfingers's review


    Micro Korg, with 3 octaves. Has modulation and pitch control. Also resonance, cutoff, sustain, and tempo controls for synth settings. MIDI and 1/4" out connection. Vocoder accessible. 1/8" microphone input. I have played live with this synt…