Korg MS2000B
Korg MS2000B

MS2000B, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the MS series.

Studiodragon 10/11/2012

Korg MS2000B : Studiodragon's user review

«  Korg MS 2000b creating sounds easy ... »

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Korg MS 2000B
• System modeling synthesizer analog
• 44 note keyboard with pitch bend and modulation
• Display: 16 characters x 2 lines backlit LCD
• 4-voice polyphony
• 2-part multitimbral
• 128 memory locations (removable)
• Modulation and delay, 2-band EQ
• 3 rows x 16-step analog sequencer style
• 16-band vocoder
• Arpeggiator
• Inputs: 1 Audio In jack (Line) Audio IN 2 (Mic / Line)
• Output: L / Mono, R (RCA), Headphone
• Control Inputs: Assignable pedal
• MIDI In, Out and Thru
• Dimensions: 737.8 (W) x 371.3 (D) x 147.7 (H) mm
• Weight: 7.1 kg

And there are three different versions of the Korg MS 2000
The MS 2000
MS 2000 R (rack)
MS 2000B (with microphone XLR input on the front and all presets rework)


The manual is well written and clear.

For the nod to nostalgia, and unlike the 37 keys of MS20,
the MS2000 / b has 44 notes F C, similar to Monopoly that is strongly inspired look at.

The display is a backlit LCD with 16 characters x 2 lined, this is sufficient.
MS 2000b also provides a good virtual patch matrix with 50 switches and 35 buttons has very logically on the front panel.

Operation is easy and very effective for classifying sources of destinations, if you find really quickly.


The sounds are very versatile, and often enjoyable, leads basses, pads, arpeggios, and vocoder robot to the devil.

I mean obviously not all presets MS 2000.
Those are the best MS2000b program and also gives a good starting point for experimentation.

Sometimes the lack of polyphony can be felt but with features offering with 2 oscillators + noise generator, with 8 waveforms for the first and 3 for the second, with 2 EG and LFO 2 for each stamp, four types two types of filters low-pass filter (- 12/-24 dB), bandpass filter, highpass filter and with resonance and self oscillation, a time, an arpeggiator with six types of arpeggios compensates for this and really gives a real freedom to create sound.

The sequencer provides similar functions SQ10.
And 16-band vocoder that is based on emulating the VC 10 is to my taste slightly better than the original.


Buy new at the time of its released, never regretted.
MS 2000b is certainly limited compared to four-voice polyphony, but thanks to a very logical control surface, sound overall pretty nice, plus other features to think well, it's still a very complementary to synthesize scene or in a studio.

For amateur synthesis also a good start, because it is very easily accessible with many controls and diagrams printed on the front.

The +
Good surface controls
Creating sounds easy
Good sound for a VA
All buttons transmit MIDI data
Audio input for processing external sounds

The -
Limited polyphony
Step sequencer does not come via midi
External power