mrjason 10/31/2012

Korg R3 : mrjason's user review

« let the fun begin »

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The Korg R3 is a small and portable synthesizer that has a built in vocoder in it. It has a microphone input a front panel XLR input and a ¼ phone jack. There are also outputs for MIDI in out and thru, plus MONO right and left outputs and ¼ headphone outputs. There is also a place to put your foot switch or pedal. The Korg R3 runs by a CD adapter and only weighs 6 pounds. It is well built and very portable. For this keyboard to be so small, the keys feel very good and have nice response to them.


There are 2 oscillators plus a noise generator on the Korg R3. The first oscillator has 8 types of waves including pulse, triangle, sine, formant, noise, and a few others. The second oscillator has 4 types , saw tooth, square, sine and triangle.


At first I could not decide which was better, the Access Virus Ti or the Korg R3. Too this day I still will say that the Access Virus Ti is better because I like the sounds more, but the Korg R3 is way more portable and has better feeling keys. It is also more user friendly than the Access Virus Ti.


I have been using the Korg R3 for 2 years and still use it a lot now. I do take this with me to other studios when we go there to record. I don’t even have a case for it I just put it in a extra bag that I have and it still has never broke or been damaged in any way. It is built like a tank and will last you a long time, not to mention give you some really great sounds to use in your music. Mess with the knobs and let the fun begin!