Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

nicotinedu44 11/20/2013

Korg microKORG : nicotinedu44's user review

«  Pleasantly surprised! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Minitouche keyboard
4 voice polyphony
2 oscillator analog modeling DSP
Layer mode
Configurable arpeggiator

Pitch Bend & Modulation
Publisher PC & MAC

128 memories rested

Some complain of limited memory, I personally do not see a problem because the editor korg can save their games on the computer (besides Korg has posted on its website a bank in order to further 128presets those interested)

The minitouches, yeah! just like everyone else, I think it's not great, but let's say for immediate use in standalone is nikel, for the rest there's simply plug a MIDI keyboard! Say it is convenient for the mobile side (I'm not going to see john with my midi keyboard in addition mk!)


The general configuration is simple, yes and no. Let me explain: if we limit ourselves to load presets, and edit basic settings for editing (cutoff, resonance, attack, release) pots, fine.

After it's in the editing matrix that I am a bit put off, not that the issue is complicated in itself, but must look at the category where you want to go, stalling the knob on the right location, I do not find it intuitive .. I mean compared to analog that all controls are in the hands bah hush hush! That said, it still manages to good results quickly, the experience becomes more intuitive with use! This also justifies its price. it makes me want to try the MS2000 to compare.

I bought OCCAZ and without the manual, I have downloaded, but I've always hated to read instructions on pdf! I find it very off-putting! Finally, anyway if you know the basic subtractive synthesis, it comes out very quickly!

In addition, the software publisher provides overcomes possibly burnished the editing matrix.


While there, bravo! Pleasantly surprised! They are suitable for any style accepting synth sounds. Unlike some reviews I read, I found the presets very good bill (especially vintage / hip-hop / retro), the organ sound VOX to The Doors, or moog bass (eg the bass level I find it downright fatter and warmer than the microbrute (though that is a true analog)
) And lead hip-hop! Very successful! Its also very beautiful fleurtant with certain tones of ARP2600, the beautiful strings! frankly it is downright vst I've tested as good as it is.

I find that that the closest level sound quality, or timbre is the Polysix Korg Legacy Collection, but the sounds anyway mK hotter!

Although some say that mix bah everything is mixed, I think that's still a difference!

After this is a synth, so actually, if you want piano sounds, or rhodes, bah you will be disappointed!

The overall expression seems correct, at least I did not complain to me m


About 7 months that I have. I flashed over there a long time, but wanted to be on my purchase (I noticed that the shopping whim often regret). I would only advise those who are eyeing on to go even videos youtub. There was also a series that is easily where almost all the presets are played by category. The best is after the test either by yourself!

No, I have not tried other models except vst, and frankly nothing to do! There's a grain, one would think there!

Feature I like least: editing, just laborieurse
Feature I like most: sOOOOOOOOOOONNNNS!!

Bought about 260 €, price excellent quality! I would do this choice live! In addition it is beautiful ^ ^