Elka Synthex

Elka Synthex

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Synthex, Analog Synth from Elka.

3 user reviews
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Elka Synthex tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Elka
  • Model: Synthex
  • Category: Analog Synths
  • Added in our database on: 04/08/2004

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Elka Synthex user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
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studiohome's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exceptional"

Elka Synthex
Already presented in other notices


VERY easy to use, and I do not really understand the point of view of voicetrack on memory, there are only two buttons to press to save a sound made from presets.
A button / knob per function is obviously the top.


The sound of course is not realistic unless such organs.
The bass is comparable to juno 60, ie with a lot of heat.
The tablecloths are beautiful, special effects sounds, strange kind video Thurs The keyboard is great, it is very nice, better than the jupiter 8 for example.
Envelopes are not super fast, but still ok.
THERE has extraordinary depth in this synth that I found nowhere else.


So I was owner of jupiter 8 of juno106 and 60, the prophet 5 rev3.3, the MemoryMoog, MS 10 and 20, the VP 330, the Jupiter 4, and I have to forget. I would not trade any of these synths, I know well, against the ELKA. It is as I imagined and better still, very organic, I tell myself that no vst not near it (unlike other pro 53 which are quite faithful kind). Not where we feel the animal vibrate all these sides ... and integrated chorus are magical.
So I reason with respect to a certain ideal of sound that is personal to me, but hey jp 8 different sounds, for example, more attack but less fat, less friendly I must say. The MemoryMoog is approaching the sound color, but the memo is too brutal for me so not used as much as ELKA. Anyway for me the dream became a reality, I am stuck every time I play, and also the edition comes very easily.
Last but not least it is (mine) extremely stable (the memo was not at all, jp 8 yes, the pro mouais 5).
Its coast rises, so it is not cool, but if you feel like it and you can, go for it is not possible to be disappointed.

Téonanacatl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elka Synthex
Synthex is one of the last monster analog FM before the invasion:
. 8 notes polyphony
. 5 octave keyboard
. 2 Oscillator waveforms 5 and a ring modulator, a knob for adjusting the width of the PWM, one volume knob, a knob for implementation of 12 half-tone, 5-octave switch trimming; recess is located ca on each tilt. The oscillators are analog, but digital stabilization, so .... do not go awry!
. 1 knob of "master tune" very precise
. 1 knob to detune dephase oscilloscope if you want
. A switch for sync, the two oscilloscope (they are not at all out of phase)
. LFO 2:
. The first one finds a knob to adjust the frequency, 1potard to adjust the time it takes for the LFO to act, 4 waveforms that can be routed in different places: 1 osc1 switch, a switch osc 2, a switch PW1, a switch pw 2, a filter switch, a switch amplifier. To adjust the depth of the LFO, it was two knobs: one acts on the tilt 1 and 2 and pw 1 and 2, the second knob acts on the filter and amplifier.
. The second comes in the form of a joystick (like EMS) that can also play on the bend. Here, six linear switches (like ARP) for an initial frequency to a frequency delta to a depth of LFO2 on the oscilloscope, to a depth of bend on the oscilloscope, to a depth of about LFO2 filter, to a depth of bend on the filter (for adjusting the open / close via the joystick actually)
. A glide (glissando) and a polyphonic portamento that may be acting on either tilt or two at the same time.
. 1 knob to adjust the speed of the glide / portamento
. 1 knob glide Amount
. 1 volume knob for a white or pink noise (optional)
. 1 multimode filter (low cut, high cut, band-pass 1 and 2, inverter, a knob of frequency, a resonance, an envelope, of a keyboard (?)
. 1 ADSR envelope generator for the filter
. 1 ADSR envelope generator to amplify
. A 3-position adjustable chorus (and off)
. A hold switch
. A release switch
. 1 volume knob General
. 1 knob left right balance for the "stereo"
. A switch for adjusting the output is mono or "stereo"
. 40 factory sounds non-erasable
. 40 sounds "users" erase, replace at will
. The ability to split the keyboard into 2 (you can choose where they split!)
. The possibility of doubling the sounds (like a user preset and one factory), the coup polyphony is reduced to 4 notes, but ... there are 4 to oscilloscope available!
. A 4-track sequencer: You can create the sequence step by step (and add "blanks" between the notes via the switch "beat remains" if you wish, or delete "not" we want via the switch "delete") or create it live, the Synthex play the same when you swing the sequence. The sequencer is synchronizing via CV / Gate. We can, if you have the keyboard splitter 2, 2 assign different sounds to 4 sequencer tracks.
. On the rear panel:
. 1 in, 1 out for the sync jack (6.35)
. A section for a K7 interface if you want to save your presets K7 (mini jack)
. A section "footswitch" to hold the glide, the release and program changes
. An upper inlet filter / both / lower (to play on the filter but I do not know how)
. 2 audio outputs (upper and lower for stereo) jack in 6.35
. We can add a midi interface of the brand (courage to find ...) If you're lucky, the Synthex plant was equipped with MIDI interface after 1983 (I think). Of course it was the beginning of noon and I think the possibilities are still very early on that synth.
The largest is said but I certainly forget


. The general configuration is (in my opinion) very simple and intuitive.
. The routing of the LFOs is very well done, they can sell off across
. Of course there are little things we can not know "like that", making it necessary to have the manual handy (hopefully these tips are few)
. The edition is infantile sounds, save them as well (you press "memory" after inventing a sound, type the number you want, and press it again a few seconds of "memory", the LED blinks, ca s' arrested is good!)


. Amateurs sound bold, psychedelic, powerful (or cold if you desire), Throw away your top!
. The synthesizer generates sounds excellent to my taste, you can go out almost everything that comes to mind is typed analog recess (ca not imitate the sounds of pianos!)
. The chorus is very powerful, such sequences is very good.
. The glide and portamento are very good also. Mix the glissando or portamento to a sequence; impressive indeed!
. As you can imagine, there is no velocity or aftertouch and everything else the south, but it will be going very well (in my opinion always)
. The best known of his Synthex is the sound of harp used by JM Jarre on "appointment" (factory preset). Also used by tangerine dream (to the best-known line shells)
. For the curious, you can hear some sounds here:
be 4 years now I use it. That is happiness." rel="ugc noopener" target="_blank"> http://www.bluesynths.com/3Klangbeispiele-e/synthex.html


It is time to restore its former glory with this excellent synth grossly misunderstood the "general public". To hell with the prophet and other Oberheim fashion victims! This excellent synthesizer is comparable to the best known brands (Elka, AC is not as "class" sequential circuit that looks like?)
I do not know anything about this synth before buying -8000 francs at the time, before the Euro-I tried it, and my appreciation has only grown since.
If it again, I will redeem it without hesitation (and knowingly)
It must be 4 years now I use it. That is happiness.

voicetrack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elka Synthex
See detail on the advice of Tonanacatl very complete.

- I will insist on the fact that simplemen the machine is in splitable 2 "synths" for 4 voices with individual output (or 1 in poly8 poly4 normal or dual mode (two sounds superposs!)).

- The two multimode filters with different pass-band, a low-pass and high pass-off, resonant.

- COD 2 voice synchronization with a glide / portamento sparmen assignable.

- The 4 mini mono sequencers the TB303 patern but with only one per track, but very fast and ergonomic, synchronized with a trigger TR808, TR707, KorgDDD1 or other older pace box trigger output.

MIDI or not depending on the version (original MIDI on a Synthex is note on / note off, and one channel of Vaud but best looked at as a midi in and filter omni advantageous because it tend to lose the pedal autremen ...)


In half an hour, we know techniquemen the used machine is an ergonomic vraimen except for the memory system that makes it difficult to change one's already MMore.

- The sequencer is great and very entertaining, the sequences can be combined even if they have a different number of steps after, we define an area of ​​the keyboard will transpose the sequence permetre.


"Yes but not VCO is the COD" And yes! are effectivemen of COD and that's what makes justemen the interest of this machine compared to others is what gives it its more cold and raw, which does not prevent it from having sounds very alive (and possibilities very different from those of a Prophet5, or a Memorymoog Jupiter8). There is a possibility of Ringmodulateur PWM and the other COD and when you put these functions on both COD at the same time, we get it sounds very special.

- The analog filters vraimen sound good (it is the same as in one or Prophet5 OBXa differamen mountains but to make multimode).

- The chorus of Elka simplemen is phenomenal! A simple sawtooth gross, the Chorus of 3 rings and direct!

groundwater can be super trippy and amazing atmosphere of a eppaisseur while concervan a phenomenal lightness of his or conversely, make pads that very pechus bourent entire spectrum fesan snoring membranes and sparkling treble.

The bass is xlentes but there is no single player mode which is a shame.


- An amazing machine that has lots of character and a range of sounds insane (especially thanks to PWM and intermodulation between the two ring DCO).

It is a very big machine absolutely brilliant rendering difficilemen imitable. The modulation Joystique is pretty cool.

I have a few years and luckily, it's noon and a version with the experience, I do it again this choice without problem.

It is clear that I would not trade or against a JP8 let alone against a P5! For story, the person I bought it had pulled the plate in ELKA faade because he was ashamed of the brand ... Elka yet made exelentes machines. The series ER and EM are machines in his brilliant (essays, I assure you, their programming is special but the sound is great for the price).

Elka Synthex news

The return of the Elka Synthex?

The return of the Elka Synthex?

Published on 04/03/15
That’s what the Finnish manufacturer is wishing and they are asking what you think about it.

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