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  • Korg MiniKorg 700s

    Korg MiniKorg 700s - "Superb!" has images


    Hi all, I won’t get much into the details as to the Mini 700’s specs, (if you need it have a look at the Mini 700 reviews: https://en.audiofanzine.com/analog-synth/korg/minikorg-700/user_reviews/ ) I’ll mostly develop the question of the Mini 7…

  • Korg Minilogue

    Korg Minilogue - "A real compact polyphonic and not too expensive analog synth"


    I use this synth in my home studio alongside other analog and digital synths. I have a SH101 for basses, leads & FX, it has a round, warm sound. I also have a Polysix which is a natural choice for pads, due to it being polyphonic and relatively unsta…

  • Korg MS-20 Mini

    Korg MS-20 Mini - "Get the mini!"


    The Mini (MS-20) has 37 keys and is an analog synth that comes with a smaller patch bay system on it. IT does support MIDI and USB connections. If you have ever used an original synth or the original ms 20 you will know how much fun they are to work …

  • Korg Monotron Delay

    Korg Monotron Delay - "tons of fun!!"


    The Korg Monotron DELAY is a lightweight synth that has a speaker built into it. It has an analog filter and amazing delay capabilities. With the price of it being so cheap, it is a must try. The interface of the Monotron will glow in the dark making…

  • Korg Monotribe

    Korg Monotribe - "Fun, but needs effects"


    The Korg Monotribe is a portable unit that is run by a battery, it does have a basic sequencer on the Monotribe (8 step pattern sequencer). There is also a built in speaker on the Korg Monotribe, it is not a very good speaker though. The cost of the…

  • Korg Monotron Duo

    Korg Monotron Duo - "2 oscillators"


    If you need a portable analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators then the Korg Monotron Duo is the way to go! It has analog filters and an internal speaker which is pretty good considering that this unit is only 50 dollars. I have not seen a negative re…

  • Korg VC-10

    Korg VC-10 - "Dont need it, but it is still good."


    The Kog VC 10 is a vocoder, I am not really into vintage vocoders that much but I must admit this one is petty cool. A buddy of mine has one of these and still uses it to this day, I get the chance to go over there and mess with it from time to time …

  • Korg M-500

    Korg M-500 - "small and fun"


    The best part of using the Korg M 500 is that it is so much fun to use. It is small and compact, it will give you some great sounds in such a small unit. Plus they are going for pretty cheap. The great effect on this board is the random vibrato effec…

  • Korg Ms-20

    Korg Ms-20 - "took me alot of work to get what I wanted"


    Well Korg claims that the MS 20 was the first major popular analog synth that was created back then. I would have to say that it wasn’t. Also to me the unit isn’t that portable, Korg claims that it is. But compared to todays equipment its not that po…

  • Korg Mono/Poly

    Korg Mono/Poly - "classic piece of gear from korg"


    The Korg Monopoly is a vintage piece of great that will really give your music that vintage sound. It really wont get more vintage than this. There are a lot of vintage synths that are surfacing lately especially with the rise of electronic music. Th…