Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe
Modulator18 05/24/2014

Korg Monotribe : Modulator18's user review

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Transmission to "scrap" from Korg keyboard with ribbon.
The pub, it was announced the legendary MS filter. It remains to be seen!
Some fiddling sounds in real time, no memory presets.
Everything is editable, turning the knobs.
Possibility of midify with kits and a soldering iron. Not because I thought it was expensive for not much more.
Not 'editor (really?).


Nothing more simple, batteries, lights on the keyboard is pressed ribbon, buttons turns on and begins immediately to know what we do.
Very easy to use. For someone wanting to start in analog, it's cool and not very expensive.
Small BAR 3 tracks evoking "by far" the famous minipops of the same brand.
Sequence on the fly to the synth part.
Manual well as everything is understandable on the machine!
To play with the switches, turn the potentiometer, and this is the best learning.
For my part, used synth in 10 minutes, I had the monotribe in hand!
updated version 2 simple to do. A cable "jack (supplied), a sound file (on the net) playing with his reader PC audio (PC headset out in the lobby of monotribe) is launched and it goes in 3 minutes. (This reminds me my sound banks on the Yamaha DX21 with my tape recorder and specific plug! was late 80 ').


For sounds, fat, pure and simple analog. One oscillator, a resonant filter, LFO (S / H) with the updated version 2 (essential!).
I used a lot of the noise generator and the cutoff frequency of the filter to create the sounds of "waves."
Otherwise basic bass lines, but very effective.
For my part, my monotribe I find it very good. It does not make a lot of things, but the little I ask him, he does it well!


This makes four months that I have. I do not use it much. Just when I need a fat sound and another time.
I tried it plugged into a pedal Berhinger BSY600 (synth bass) and there is lot of stuff not possible, careful eardrums. (I like to test coupled machines!).
So monotribe, I keep it. I think also acquire Volca series.
I find that make the Korg gear accessible to many scholarship because when we look at the analog side today is more qu'abusé. Because even if it is rare and legendary ask € 8,000 for EMS, this is madness!
Musically at all.