Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe

Korg Monotribe : Anonymous 's user review

«  Intuitive and excellent! »

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Ribbon synthesizer keyboard
Six octaves
The synthesizer section has three waveforms:
Wave-tooth saws
The Noise knob adjusts the level of white noise.
The Octave selector as the name suggests allows you to change Octave.
Range selector lets you choose between three modes
Wide-Mode: The height range of the keyboard is about six times larger than the Narrow setting. The pitch change is continuous. The Octave selector setting is ignored.
Narrow Mode: The pitch changes continuously depending on printed on the ribbon keyboard.
Key Mode: The pitch will change color depending on not printed on the ribbon keyboard.
A selector allows you to choose among three LED waveforms.
The filter portion is provided with a potentiometer and Cutoff Peak potentiometer.
The small potentimètre VCA adjusts the volume of the synthesizer.
The LFO part is equipped with a potentiometer and a Rate Int potentiometer modulating intervals.
Thank you for others to read other reviews specifications; writing my review from a smartphone exercise is tricky.


The configuration is more affordable and it is precisely this that has motivated my choice. This little synth / sequencer is very intuitive and in minutes the pleasure of playing which I think remains the essence of music is immediate.
The manual is basic but effective.
With regard to the issue we are dealing with an analog machine. Playing, triturated sound by turning knobs and other selectors.
The Drum Kit part consists of three parts non-editable:
-Snare Drum


I am overwhelmed by the Monotribe.
Small, autonomous when in battery, it has become a key element in my configuration.
The sounds are excellent and fiddling can draw beautiful special effects.
I love to improvise from a simple rhythm.
In creation and demo mode, I record a bass line or arpeggios that run in a loop and I play the guitar top.
By after touch keyboard but the ribbon is a very playful approach.
The sounds are mostly what we expected and in fact.


I use it for a little over a month and I'm not tired.
I have synthesizers, but is currently awaiting a move and thus to find my home studio, I wanted to buy a synthesizer that can fit in a small space.
My philosophy for several years is less is more.J 've spent years killing my eyes to the screens. I sold the computer and bought a four-track cassette recorder.
So following my journey, I highly recommend this wonderful little gem.
The value for money is very good.
Yes I do it again this choice and I am considering buying a second Monotribe.