Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe
kraftmusik 12/21/2012

Korg Monotribe : kraftmusik's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
So much for the technical part as described on the website of Korg followed my opinion on the matter:

Analog synthesis:
The VCO, VCF and VCA are composed of analog circuits. With simple operation and the process of creating sound unique to analog synths, the monotribe allows you to make sound synthesis of highly flexible and intuitive way. Filter (VCF) circuit offers the classic Korg MS-20.
Even though he apparently shared components with the MS-20 is not found on the rough side of the latter, but the sonic possibilities are quite extensive for such a small box, for my part I can even do "talk" is saying.

Keyboard ribbon:
You can change the range of the keyboard ribbon. The keyboard ribbon also allows you to play chromatically as on a conventional keyboard and to play melodies with accurate notes.
A bit more playable than its little brother the Monotron through its function Chromatic, but do not expect to play solos furious.

Analog beatbox:
The tone generator internal battery to three parts using separate analog circuits, it offers a bass drum, a snare drum and a cymbal.
Unfortunately, this is a big downside of the machine, they are not "editable" without changing internal and especially out on the same channel as the synth separate outputs have been wise. Perfect for the minimum but not much more, however in addition to an old BAR is a treat.

Sequencer 8 (16 from the update) to:
You can control the sequence in real time to create loops with drum and synth part.

Catch Sync In / Out:
This allows chaining and synchronize multiple Monotribes via a mini jack.

Fashion FLOW:
This mode allows you to record and play back the synth without being limited by it. It allows you to create complex rhythms and grooves unique.
The Sequencer is however the big advantage of boiboite, super intuitive, extremely simple, and very surprising in Flux mode.
Some mourn the absence of MDIDI, but the ability to sync with almost any rhythm or old BAR without MIDI is a surprising and ultimately very practical, for my part I use an old Korg coupled KR55 and I have no desire to sync well with my Roland CR-68 and DR-110-BOSS and the icing on the cake, I even leave the signal out of synch to my Monotribe Roland CSQ-100 pilot a Roland SH-09 ...
To summarize, intermediate with old gear, it works simply and efficiently.

LFO multifunctional
With wide setting ranges for the parameters and INTEN RATE-SITY, you can go from subtle changes in the modulation drastically. In addition to its function as a low frequency oscillator, the LFO 1SHOT proposes a method which transforms it into the envelope generator (EG).
Nothing to say about it, the results are stunning for a machine so small price.
Note also the possibility to connect any audio source to use with filter.


The Monotribe is very simple to use, one button function, very rare combination to access some features, but nothing complicated, we branch and plays with it all.
The manual is very clear when to him and goes to the point.


Yes it suits what I do (the Zique a little vintage based synth also vintage).
It works equally well for those who want to run a sequence of arpeggios Tangerine Dream to those who want to see even the minimum Acid house (attention, it is still not a TB ).
It is capable of big bass, acid sounds (for the little one put hands dirty), cosmic enough to FX and even talk (semblances of EH, AH, EUH, UH AOWW ") short, marvel, it quickly becomes totally addict.
At the very least, as I said above, no separate outputs BAR / SYNTH, it is a pity, especially for the mix.
A note on iPhone, a free application) to synchronize the Monotribe a precise Tempo via IN SYNCH, it may be useful to calibrate a bass line from a Cubase project or another.


I have a little over a year now, I love its simplicity, its sounds, there is not much at this price point that is also well done and especially also fun.
I think even get one second of time, the story of how a little talk.