Korg Sigma
Korg Sigma

Sigma, Analog Synth from Korg.

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barback 02/26/2014

Korg Sigma : barback's user review

«  Wow! »

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Well we're not going to repeat what's already been listed just still say that its appearance with little synth button to bontempi gives it a kitsch side limit toy, everything is raised by the control panel that by its simplicity struck a balance in aesthetics of the machine


Very easy to use, it is intuitive, and once you have spotted the function and possilité each knob can even begin to fair that was in the head with a little curiosity and the first results are amazing!


It is fascinating because it is unique, and large space, frankly the fact that he is a force to be monophonic additional character, buy a sigma is a bargain when you love analog and creation that comes the path beaten, you do not play on the same register of sounds which were used to rub! We have some good greasy powerful bass and soaring lead short one goes through all the steps!


I use it ... TODAY! I spend the afternoon and evening it only helped the sigma 20 yamaha sk without effects, without pedals, what I like most is authenticity and the fact is that it is unadorned it pushes you to go further in your search for sounds, I do not regret my choice even if I count aquérir a Jupiter8 Roland and moog, I sincerely believe I have got hold of something that stands out, for 300 € c is correct, it's not more expensive would be worth the shot ... Finally I would say that in a few months!