Korg Sigma
Korg Sigma

Sigma, Analog Synth from Korg.

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Guillaume1979 04/01/2010

Korg Sigma : Guillaume1979's user review

«  Woosh, piiiichchchc, doooiiinnngggg, booouommmmmmmmmmm »

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Read the previous opinion which is very well detailed.
I will add just the camera is equipped with inputs and outputs for control or send information control:
FCM in VCF (-5V +5 V), VCO FM in (Oct / Volt-3V +3 V), Keyboard Trigger Out, out CV (Hz / Volt 0-8V), Eg Trigger in, CV in VCO (Hz / Volt 0 -8V). These functions are very interesting because with converters CV Gate / Midi can do so via a play midi sequencer and control some of its functions.

There is also along the back edge, behind rubber masks, 14 tiny knobs that can be ordered with a thin screwdriver. It can adjust the output currents of the CV gate, Trig ... and also to adjust the amplitude of the particular pitch.


So it's a very simple device to take control.
Control everything on the surface of the device.
I reproach him just that we can not save the settings.
For a synth of this caliber out in 79, it might be feasible.


The sounds are good and very typical and pre-amplification stage is serious
Opportunities to create and lead synth sounds too low electro are infinite.
The grain is there and the various presets sound good hot
Provide a good old analog delay to give him all his letters of nobility.

I just liked a wider spectrum a bit with very high acute especially when playing with cutoff filters (for example sequential circuit) and ultradeep more pronounced (just missing the synth).


I have the Korg Sigma last few days he took me to a spot of luxury in the middle of my other keyboards being the only analogue to this day. Paid 350 used I think it's expensive but ... When you want something rare often need more than what it really costs.
250 would have been a very good price. It is estimated the site vintagesynth.com 100 to $ 150 and there to blow it hurts to have paid 350 but it also runs ads where people are proposing between 400 and 600 euros (!!!).

I will soon invest in a controller Cv to exploit at best.
It is a beautiful object and it roars like love.