Korg MS-20 Mini
Korg MS-20 Mini

MS-20 Mini, Analog Synth from Korg in the MS series.

Eddyemma 03/08/2014

Korg MS-20 Mini : Eddyemma's user review

«  Breath? Not so sure ... »

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Revival of 1978 MS20 ...

Smaller, lighter ...

The configuration is similar in all respects to the original model, but SMD and minijacks, progress requires ...

MIDI and ... USB!


The manual is a reprint of the 1978, nice to set the mood.

Very simple edition, which complicates a bit if "semi modular" dimension of beast is approached.


The sound is very close to the original MS20, I have too. That's right, it Drifte less, but it is a real success!

HOWEVER: some models are affected by the interest generated by the blast stage VAC / VCA envelope.

This is a serious problem and it is far from trivial given the number of people who complain ...

To realize this, you can see a small test that I posted here:


So 10/10 if you come across a model that is not affected, if ... Thumbs down!


Soon bought, soon returned to its owner, not without having tried twice to have it repaired under warranty:

In-SOVEMAM (Official sav KORG, sic! ...)
KORG-In / ALGAM in Nantes ...

Two failures, and I did not get to exchange, so I've returned to regret the Afien who had sold me ... A guy's cool that I welcome the passage :-) Hello Willy !

What a pity! One could hope for a third of the price of vintage MS20, have almost the same sound with an easy to carry and reliable for many years machine is missed!

Korg hope that we would not try it out with their revival of the ODYSSEY! Unsuspecting friends!