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  • Apple PowerMac G5

    Apple PowerMac G5 - "does everything fast, very powerful mac"


    The Power Mac by Apple is a top of the line desktop computer system. The thing about this system that makes it so great is that it is so fast its ridiculous. I haven't ever experience power like this in a desktop computer. Of course Apple created it …

  • Apple PowerMac G5 2x2, 4.5 Ghz

    Apple PowerMac G5 2x2, 4.5 Ghz - moosers's review


    The Apple PowerMac G5 2x2 4.5 GHz is a desktop computer that I have used for recording purposes. We've got one of these in one of the mixing suites at the studio where I work, where we run a Pro Tools HD system on it. It's got a two 2.0 Ghz Intel C…

  • Apple PowerMac G5

    Apple PowerMac G5 - moosers's review


    I've been using a few different Apple Power Mac G5s for about five years and have found this line of Apple computers to be a great group of computer for audio recording. While computers are getting faster and faster, most models of the G5 will work f…

  • Apple PowerMac G4 1,25 GHz

    Apple PowerMac G4 1,25 GHz - moosers's review


    This was the first Apple computer I got when I wanted to get Pro Tools and switch over to OS X. I got it about four or five years ago and it served me well until about two years ago when I got a Mac Book Pro. My PowerMac G4 has a 1.25 Ghz and 1 GB of…

  • Apple PowerMac G5 2x2 Ghz

    Apple PowerMac G5 2x2 Ghz - " 9 years! ..."


    Yes, 9 years that I have this machine must be well 11 in all. Of course it has since been replaced by more recent and is only used occasionally, of course with it not total silence (at least we know it is on), of course it not consume a lot of power,…

  • Apple PowerMac G5 2x1,8 Ghz

    Apple PowerMac G5 2x1,8 Ghz - " Excellent machine"


    I missed a computer reliable, robust logic to run a mac but without spending a fortune on a machine suddenly after analysis, the best price / performance ratio for my basic use was a mac G5 dual processor Bridled under 10.5.8, the sequencers su…

  • Apple PowerMac G5

    Apple PowerMac G5 - ♪♪ d(≧∇≦)b/♪♪'s review


    here is 2 pages that can help you understand and make the right choice for a g5 page 1 ram which put in a g5 page 2 whether PCI or PCIe and PCIX see all models…

  • Apple powermac G5 2ghz

    Apple powermac G5 2ghz - " Still good in 2011"


    How long have you use it? For two months now and this is my first mac! Have you tried many other models before buying it? Before I was on pc core duo 2ghz, it is not comparable. And works better! What is so special that you love the most, l…

  • Apple PowerMac 4x2,5 Ghz

    Apple PowerMac 4x2,5 Ghz - lestaal's review


    What's more, it's a great machine, beautiful, powerful, easy to open, sturdy ... the plugs have better watch out ... …

  • Apple PowerMac G4 2x1,25 Ghz

    Apple PowerMac G4 2x1,25 Ghz - jooo37's review


    I love ... Although the fan to be noisy because it is a TRS MODEL shooting all Premire sries (Apple changed them for free but I know qu'prs t, damn ..). This is probably the only Mac that I will keep up that spare us death. It is super smooth. I ha…