Apple PowerMac G5 2x2, 4.5 Ghz
Apple PowerMac G5 2x2, 4.5 Ghz

PowerMac G5 2x2, 4.5 Ghz, Apple Desktop from Apple in the PowerMac series.

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moosers 07/22/2010

Apple PowerMac G5 2x2, 4.5 Ghz : moosers's user review


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The Apple PowerMac G5 2x2 4.5 GHz is a desktop computer that I have used for recording purposes. We've got one of these in one of the mixing suites at the studio where I work, where we run a Pro Tools HD system on it. It's got a two 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processors and 4.5 GB of RAM. It's a pretty standard G5 beyond that, as it's got all of the features and accessories you'd expect from an Apple desktop. While we don't use this in our A room, it definitley sees a lot of action in the mixing suite that it's in. It's definitely able to handle pretty much anything that you throw at it, as I can't say that I've ever had a problem running full on Pro Tools HD sessions on it. I have had it crash a few times before, but this has to do with the fact that it's four or five years old more than anything. Even so, this doesn't happen all that often at all. I can also run a good amount of plug-ins in here, which is essential in a mixing suite as we get a lot of outside engineers in who load in everything and kitchen sink into their mixes. I don't really know what this particular computer would cost nowadays, as in just a few short years the power of computers has increased exponentially, making this one rather old. Even being that it's a few years old and doesn't have the newest technology, it's still a very powerful computer that can definitely take the heat from any recording session in my opinion. While not as quick as our main studio's computer, it is still a great computer for sure. I deifnitely wouldn't hesitate to recommend this particular Apple PowerMac G5 for any studio.