Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Markbass Mini CMD 121P

Mini CMD 121P, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the Mini series.

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All user reviews for the Markbass Mini CMD 121P

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 22 reviews )
 17 reviews77 %
 3 reviews14 %
Audience: Advanced users

papalolo's review"Surprising, comprehensive, lightweight"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
I have lots of heavy gear, so I opted for this one due to its weight.
After several months of use, I can confirm its good performance.
A 15-incher will certainly go deeper, but it's unbeatable in terms of weight.
I have tried it out in situations for which it certainly wasn't foreseen.
It sounds clear and precise with a double bass...and it also sounds fine with an MP3 player.
Especially due to the limiter, which is very effective and prevents the amp from exceeding its limits.
The folding Velcro wedge to position the amp is very useful. It couldn't be easier.
Its only negative point is the price.

gugusfender's review

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
300W solid-state.


Easy, you can get almost any sound.
It sounds just as god with a bass as with a double bass.


Alls types of sounds, I prefer the round sound or a Marcus Miller one to slap. I play a Rick, a Jazz Bass us 5C deluxe, a Jazz Bass 78, a Squier Precision, and a Vigier. Always faithful.


Four years

What I love: Its weight and value for money

It's also sturdy because mine fell twice off a table and still works perfectly.

Very easy to amplify via the XLR output.

It's an ideal amp for small clubs, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

babas3d's review"Ass-kicking!"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Everything has been said in the previous reviews, it's 300W or 500W solid-state amp with an additional cab.
I added to it a 2x10 cab to rival my guitarist's tube amp + 4x12 cab.
This also spares me having to crank the volume to max, since I always like to have some extra power reserve.


It's very easy to use, If you are looking for an all-purpose combo with tuner, USB port, parametric EQ, 2 channels, built-in overdrive, etc., you'll need to look elsewhere.
But it was exactly this simplicity I was looking for. If I ever need different sounds then I turn to my pedalbard.


What I love about it is that it doesn't alter the sound of my instrument.
The combo has a good dynamic response, it doesn't sound muddy.
I also bought the MarkStand, at first just to see how it works, but it has proven very good for small venues to increase the diffusion of low frequencies and reduce the reflections from the ground, the sound is more precise.

The EQ's frequencies (360Hz and 800Hz) are ideal for my music style.
I use the MarkBass filters with caution:
- VLE allows me to remove the tweeter's noise
- VPF allows me to cut more or less through the mix depending on the moment and place


I bought it one year ago.
It convinced me after trying it out with my own gear at the store. I also tested the TC BG250-210, SVT BA-115 and Warwick BC-300 combos, besides having played half a dozen of two-part combinations that were either not good enough or out of my budget.

I also tried out at the store three ABS active PA speakers (between 900€ and 1200€ per unit) to compare electrical and acoustical power.
To me, this combo delivers the 800-1000W of the ABS speakers and even more, the latter produce muddy lows and have poor dynamics.
It's a bit like the real temperature and the temperature with wind-chill factor.
It's hard to cut though the mix with the ABS speakers, whereas the sound of the MarkBass literally pops and has a great diffusion for it size and weight...28.6lbs (13kg).

The only snag is the access to the inputs-outputs (return, send, tuner, cab), which are hidden on the rear and aimed towards the ground. So you either turn the combo upside down or you lie down to reach them, but once plugged you'd better not need to ouch them again.
Although, I don't think the engineers had many options trying to design such a compact unit, due to the fan, the vibrations, etc. So, that's not a major issue to me, since I bought it in part due to its compactness.

christiandabass's review"Very sturdy and versatile"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
The only thing I can criticize about this model is the accessibility of the loop and other additional connectors (on the rear and below the huge speaker, so you need to turn it upside down if you want to make any changes).
Other than that, it's a great pal that can handle anything, from roaring to caressing your ears with music of any period.


It's very easy to change the sound without the EQ, thanks to the two filters.


It can handle any sound you want. Some people might reproach it that it's less rock than SWR, less bright than Trace etc...Well, you should buy a Trace or any other brand if that's what you want.


I've owned it for one year.
I've had tons of average gear (gallien, Carvin, etc.) and have used better ones in studios, if you want to make a compromise without compromising and changing amps because tomorrow you play Latin but next week you play metal, there are more expensive but less good options out there.

chonchlezicos's review"Man's best friend"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
OK, everything has been said before, it lacks a tuner output.


No remarks.


Very, very good sound, it's definitely not a cheap amp that only makes noise.
Sound is precise, fat enough in the mids when flat. The EQ is pretty effective, you can easily sculpt sound with the 4 bands. Personally I don't use much the VLE and VPF functions. It's very good, but also very natural, which I love.

I use it with a 5-string Sandberg MM, a G&L Sb2, fretless, ... But also with my double bass and a K&K pickup. It's great.

However, I prefer the 12-inch model, which is precise, the 18-inch version (which remains pretty good) is a bit too muddy for my taste.


After many years of breaking my back lugging an SWR redhead, I invested on this amp and have never regretted it.
I've had it for over 2 years and I couldn't do without it. Rehearsals, gigs, bars, big stages...It performs great anywhere and nobody complains when you ask them to give you a hand with the bass amp.
It's expensive but it's okay ;)
Bob  Dentaface06/10/2013

Bob Dentaface's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Bass transistor 400 watts RMS (8ohms) ...! hard to believe for its size, unless you have a lousy performance ... but it is far from being the case (99 dBspl/W/1m)! So volume and good sound.
1 HP 12 'and a piezo. bass reflex back.
input jack, 1 gain knob, 4 knobs for EQ, 2 pots of frequency envelope (you say it like that?), one master and one master line.
back, located in the output of bass reflex, an XLR DI output, a button to bypass the EQ or not, another for land, two jacks for parallel effects, a tuner output, an output class 2 ( used by default by the speaker), and another speaker output. and the power supply.


I have tried with my bass (Ibanez SG500 active) and it never sounded like that, the dynamics are excellent, and the possibilities for incredible sound: marcus miller in new order. So it is to say!
I use it with my band on stage or in rehearsal. I also use it to record DI directly on my sound card (Fireface UC) to benefit from the excellent preamp of the beast.


As I said, the sound is excellent and completely malleable, round or crystal-clear ... choice.


It completely worth it. If it again, I will redeem the same.
It is a kind of Swiss Army knife for its size / sound and its ability to report ... but with a katana blade.

Miliouz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
class I believe, so the steak ca evoie
you have everything you want in connection except a headphone output (present on recent henceforth).

2 filters mouais good, nice 2 sec ... I touch very episodically.
The tweeter is boring, but very easy to transfer / remit.


good sound, yes, but I must admit that I have my SansAmp SYSTEMATICALLY way ...
emanuel not almost.


I would say that lack a bit of ca egrave, but there alot of low medium ...

An additional baffle 2 or 4x10 will make him really well.

I have 6 years, and I divide them in, but I really think he put a 2x10 ...


most, lightness, power and small footprint
least, a lamp preamp would give a little more character to the sound.

On occaz it is affordable as well enjoy!

trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a stunning amplifier!"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
it is a solid state (transistor) with 300W under the hood.
for the settings, it starts at the top left panel, an entry "balanced input" to an XLR input jack, below, was the instrument input "input", right next to it was a button to "gain "with a mini and a maxi and a blue LED for" clip "that lights up when the gain level is too high or that the cabinet will take a clipping.
it continues to the right with 4 buttons similar, low, mid, low, mid-high and high, with 16 or -16 decibels each.
was then two buttons that are, in my opinion, the nerve center of markbass, VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-shape fliter) off with up to max.
to the right of VPF, a yellow button "line out" to the output level of the management of the studio mixer or PA system.
just to his right, a blue LED "on" to indicate the power of the combo.
Finally, a yellow button "master" over and FFT, top right panel, the black button 2 positions "on" to power up the combo.


for my part, found it rather easy to use ...
I have not read the manual since I am testing in the store.
we get all the sounds you want and more!
In fact, I am not very complicated life, I put the 4 buttons "low" "mid-low" "mid-high" and "high" to 12 and I played with the buttons " VLE "and" FFT "and" gain ", nothing more!


I think this combo is suitable for all bass players, they are metal, jazz, blues or rock.
I have never heard an amp capable of such versatility, and I mean it!
with just the two buttons "VLE" and "FFT" on covering all musical needs ... to say it!
I set the gain on the 2nd step (at 10) and, already, it starts to pull the pants!
I loved all the sounds because they are all usable, and transplanted into a sound system, you can imagine the madness!


I have tried one day, and I'm very happy!
I rarely found my account in a low amplification, the only one I liked was when I had my Ampeg B2R Ampeg preamp coupled with my Billy Sheehan signature, it sends the heavy my pig!
I have tried many brands, david eden, nemesis, SWR, Trace Elliot, Ampeg, EBS and other ,.... ....
Me, I loved everything about this markbass except perhaps the price, but the price he must pay for a sound that quality!
I find the quality / price excellent!
I think maybe buy a Markbass but with a lamp in it, because here only gives off a heat of the lamps have!

pastobap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Jumbo"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
no value added in relation to the technical details except to note the interest of the XLR input and output .. the opportunity to plug another speaker avecou without the integrated 12-inch .. the very wide range of sounds with filters ....


config simple, clear manual ... it sounds all right already cash and AC cord desi all active basses that I know has a battery meter gets along again .. eton


played in a club. room of 120 people about 15 m long and 6 meters wide, enough to deliver round sound and fairly accurate throughout the room without being taken ..
on fender jazz bass 5 active JM5 sandberg, electric bass, Jacobacci frettless: everything sounds

preferred point: weight and power. modularity .. very good head
only downside ... would have preferred a tweeter for more definition and brightness in the treble ...


used for 3 years
purchased to replace a galien krueger, much less a powerful sentence next to the drums on stage.
4 th amplifier
used for large scenes with additional housing in Warwick 4x10.
good value

Big One01/30/2011

Big One's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" mini cmd 121p"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
What type of amplification (lamp, transistor transistor Everything
What is the power delivered? 300w
What are the settings, effects? standard settings GMA Master Gain + 2 filters "vintage"!


The configuration is simple?
Do you get a good sound easy?
The manual is clear and sufficient?
No manual unnecessary. It sounds now!


it fit your style of music? Perfect! pop rock to jazz fusion wolrd r & b etc!
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? Warmoth Jazz Bass, Steinberger XM2, precision, sr 506.


For how long have you been using it? 1 year
Did you try many other models before getting this one? heaps
What thing do you like most/least about it? : Yellow!
What is your opinion about the value for the price? Perfect
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ouiiiiiiiii!! Re