Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Markbass Mini CMD 121P

Mini CMD 121P, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the Mini series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 22 reviews )
 17 reviews77 %
 3 reviews14 %
Audience: Advanced users

bassiste49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Small, well finished, 300w, effects loop, light.


Settings are found quickly. it is neutral in tone, so we can do whatever we want. No manual but with everything on the internet.


Needless to all music. And outdoors, it is enough!! An incredible


killing, good in small room, good large room, good outdoors. an additional box "traveler" 2x10 and you do everything you want.

Foozik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" quality and power for group rehearsals"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Grip ultra fast compression settings for.


Easy to carry, lightweight, comfortable use short!


The weak point is the piezo tweeter ... replaceable cheaply by a compression tweeter, otherwise the sound is more than correct! Super


compromise for group rehearsals for the stage, you need a speaker for extra "drop" the 400W beast

sdm78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It fits me!"

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Everything has been said before on this point in the previous opinions.
With a small compressor and without the little breath, I put 10.


The configuration is simple, with little pots you get a great versatility of sound. The eq is effective and 2 filters VLE and VPF can sculpt his sound.
The manual is clear but not necessarily useful.

Most: the size and weight. A joy to travel without breaking the bank with the back or be bothered to put it in the car ...


I play with an Ibanez BTB 556 and an old Roastar II, and I play a little every style preference with its polished enough. In general the eq is flat and I play on the two filters to get what I want.
I tried to add an overdrive on the effects loop and here I am less convinced but I'm not a fan of bass sounds embellished effects.


I use for almost 2 ½ years with much happiness.
I tried several before you buy: Hartke, AER Amp One (I have not loved at all !!!). I wanted a little amp, very powerful and can cash in on a 6 string. I hesitated a MarkBass Jeff Berlin, but I found the compromise of 12 'more to my taste and then I had a big space problem. I also appreciate that even at very low volume (in short avoiding my neighbors do not send the cops ...) the sound is more than correct, however, I have not yet managed to put it up!

Of course, it is not given but the price is correct with regard to the quality of the beast. I am not disappointed with this purchase and I will do it again for sure.

Simply put it is a good sound, nice power in a small cube of 13kg! Personally I am conquered

totul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good combo ... but ..."

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
any transistor
balanced line input
300W into 8 ohm
everything you need except a compressor ^ ^


c ultra simple plug and play
the sound is very easy to obtain with any already at noon ...


100% good, you play with the VLE and VPF filters 2: Fun for ...
on the other hand, the piezo whistles a lot! then switch to a tweeter Monacor HT-30: He returned too many changes without the cabinet making and provides much better without treeble whistle (it costs 15 euro shipping costs included!)
after a super combo c: neutral, without being too analytical, some say that the sound is cool: I find it is just the strict respect for the bass violin connected!


very very happy: this yellow dwarf of 13.6 kg is carried everywhere, always gives me the sounds I like and is excellent in DI output for direct connection to a console (with trimming output level: I The combo model II).
With the modification of the tweeter that is happiness!

jetster94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Combo amplifier with head MarkBass Combohead (Little Mark II)
Power 280 W version, with 450 W tandable baffle supplmentaire
4-band equalizer: low, low, mid, high-mid, high with + /-16dB each
2 filters: VLE and VPF (its vintage and rock, respectively)
XLR line out
Tuner Output (or to any other device ncessitant assymtrique unamplified output).
effects loop
2 speaker outputs (which uses a dj)
Between symtrique XLR
Between instrument with gain entrerglable manually (can adapt the power of the instrument.
Fully dmontable head.
Weight 13.3kg!
LED indicator saturation


It can hardly be simpler with the use of an amplifier of such power. The only adjustment that takes some concentration is the gain of rglage. Then it only remains that refine SETTING THE legalization and filters (if needed) in order to obtain his wish.

The filter VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) cuts the high frequencies and retains low and medium level frquences to simulate a vintage sound.

The filter VPF (Variable Preshape Filter) will cut mdiums and will boost the low and high frequencies. The FFT filter will be used for a heavy sound that fits in the rock, hip hop or any style requiring a very heavy sound. This filter is effective and trs will delight fans of the slap.

The manual provided is somewhat succinct. Distinctness between The models described on the manual is not simply enter trs. There is no information regarding the technical chamber (filtering, dimensions and other CHARACTERISTICS).


Here is the critical aspect of this amp. First of all, what impresses most is the sound power DGIG the baffle. Given the weight and size of this combo I struggled to believe my ears when the master volume n'tait not even half. Some criticize that this amp is too powerful. In my case, I assume that "who can do more can do less", and this amp is the "most" with incredible efficiency. I understand why so many artists have chosen to rename these amps.

Sound by dlivr combo is not as neutral as MarkBass wants us to believe. The trsrputette LittleMark II has its capacitsrduites by the size of the box. Indeed, the bass is trs Submitted, sometimes dtriment of mdiums. The sounds range of combos suprieur (121H and 151) are much more convincing.

The piezo tweeter dlivre lot of breath and lack of precision. I replaced a tweeter compression Monacor HT-30 (17 "speaker of the house"). The dimensions of this compression is done all it can be adapted and will integrate without much resume insertion. In addition, it Yadji a circuit filter upstream of the tweeter, with a coupling capacitor required to remove any DC component and a high pass filter. Compression can be connected without modification supplmentaire. The breath is therefore deleted and found an acute claret amazing!


I use this amp for over a year. Work in a quiet home the rptition, this amp is meant to be comfortable in countless situations. In concert, this combo will be discreet and trs has surprised many ing their relative performance.
What j'apprcie most is the weight / power ratio unbeatable this amp. When you know the sound power dlivre it, I can not believe it can still be as lightweight! Now I wonder what other amp manufacturers make 30 kg see her sometimes with a less potent ... Would I rat something? More srieusement, Markbass has dvelopper a new technique for transforming the electric current with a new type of processor technology combines numrique. It's just that the weight gain and an extraordinary stroke Reduces clutter can be too.

Unfortunately, all this would be too good if there was not fault this amp. The main inconvnient of this amp is the coldness of his dlivr and breath of the piezo tweeter mount home. The head flange ComboHead its capabilities by the size of the box and the technical choices Contents of sound reproduction. Just compare this head with another box to see the diffrence impressive!

For an amp small in size, so Fate also work alone at home, we also regret the lack of headphone jack, so simple design technically.

Overall, this amp will be most versatile depending on the situation, the power both at appointment. The most demanding of its Contents is a bit frustrated by the lack of personality that is correctable, however rvle cheaply.

The quality dpassent Submitted by far the few technical default. At this price, it is certain that it is an excellent investment for the vast majority of bassists. Over time, all the same I prfrerais acqurir a combo of the range suprieur for their sound more convincing. However, the weight and size of this combo is more trs apprciable when to wear it over a few meters.

rha61's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Transistor amp 280w (450w if external speaker)
13.5kgs only
1 hp 12 "and piezo
1 between 1 loop effects, 1 line XLR and 1 output tuner
equa 4 bands and 2 adjustable filters
no headphone jack


The weight and size compared its electric power and acoustics make it an extraordinary amp
as indicated in the manual, the gain should be between maximum regl before clignotage blue diode before tuning the master knob, the sound is better and warmer

a negative point, the power sends a lot of noise on the sector, which can disrupt the listening tuner or some amps or pramplis


Unlike what is said, the Markbass is not neutral and does not respect as has the sound of your bass (just compare the best hifi speakers or monitor to be convinced)
the sound is amazing by the deep bass that comes out but it's too muted, and acute medium is not really exciting
the application of a liquid absorbing Visaton LTS50 (on sale House Speaker Paris) on the black dome of 12 "will partially correct some acute medium resonances
I 've also chosen to delete the damping wool in the box (it is to simulate a larger load in serious but has serious consequences on the medium), cabinet that I slightly damped with Blackson: the serious will lose a bit deep but be more growl and medium bcp will be warmer and more alive
I have finally vir the piezo and replaced by a small compression HT-30 at conrad electronic

In the end, for approx. 50 fee, a good amp, j 'shut unable to play in the basic version as the sound' m not inspire


In the end, power / weight / correct price with my edit.
currently it has no equivalent for displacements in metro, can do the trick for a very wide range of gigs, c is its main reason for being
the head of this combo is just the famous littlemark2, that can completely detach with a screwdriver
I give only 7 because many bass players and bass players waiting for this kind of amp for years, the precursor having t MB150 Gallien, but I have found the inoperable basic version and the 12 "most exciting competitors and less expensive (SWR workingman12 Roland cube100b, etc ...)

Yani'Flea's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
All adj t say a small correction of the same while the power is 300 watts into 8 ohms and 500 into 4 ohms and 450 and not 280 as stated in the notice. Quickly we can say that everything that is provided is, line out, effects loop, ground lift, balanced in ... the connection is trs complte.L amp is versatile despite its 8 trs a multitude of its buttons can be obtained.


The configuration is childish, it connects and it was the sound of his bass IMMEDIATE. Correction is performed only to overcome poor acoustics, the sound is just flat amazing dj. To my ear, even if it is closer to the hi-fi sound that typ of a grain trs DGIG the amp sounds nice round and warm. Good to see you the manual, it is available on the internet but frankly, part may be for filters, it is not used much.
Let us also filters the VLE high peak frequencies and simulates a vintage trs round, the FFT operates on him as a compressor in the crasis mdiums.


What is good for the style I play everything and I could not try all the styles but I do not take that little combo in default, it is really versatile. I play it with a Cort Fm2. For the moment I did that with and I pat t by the rapid change of filters obtained: a piece funk zou turning the FFT, a walking bass is zou vle turns and changing from one of his trujillo a much more sound in less than a second, very practical scne. I agree, however, an advice: A little lack of bass but still mdiums trs deep, despite the size, and even when acute acceptable despite the piezo tweeter, and then also of breath when we play it, yes, but and APRS? This is not a rel inconvnient in the studio because you can use the line out and scne ...
A little dtail all of the same importance: the vle also attenuated the effects, and this is the point that I almost cut the overdrive .... However when using a vintage sound sound not forcment need to effect but all the same caution as I also found a chorus with the bass and synth ... (only rverbe happening).


So I had the day before yesterday so my opinion is not size but still I am at least trs happy for the moment and I think for long. I too tried other models before this one because it's really Markbass sound I wanted, I loved the very first time I tried a little mark the effectiveness of the two filters ... and above all can not be said enough, do not rely on its size, that little combo was really the voice and trunk (before I played on a 2x15 ... ) and no shortage of serious despite its modest size.
Viewpoint quality price ratio personellment I find it excellent, the finish is nickel, it is simpler and more lightweight versatile than many other combo in the price range, I referrer thousand times this choice.

kesan-de-kas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Transistor 280 Watts into 8 ohms, 450 watts into 4 ohm
Extension cabinet
Effects loop
interuptor Ground / lift
XLR Line Output
Between jack and XLR
legalization four bands: Bass, Low mdiums, High mdiums, Treble
Weight: 13.3 pounds
Hp 12 "BC & C custom Neodynium cash that 600 watts.
A piezo tweeter 1 "" Sound "(point ngatif)
No headphone jack

No effects, but two filters: VLE and VPF. TLV: add softness to the sound, more bass very serious and deep. VPF: mdiums cuts, more acute low: IDAL slap.

Plutt would have waited in a piezo tweeter compression a true example for the price dj trs lev. No headphone jack, so that 9 ct.


Trs simple configuration. One branch is played, even legalization flat, one begins to feel the power and the look "right" sound. Note that when the receiver is completely sound owes a lot when on jou adj markbass who made many hours of play ... I reu mine, the sound lacks bass, no mium, sharp attacking too much and an overall feeling of rigidity .. Well, I had trs afraid of making a gaffe, and then not .. after two three hours, the memebrane relche is slowly gaining on the depth and softness. (Relative softness, a severe slap attack!). APRS twenty hours of play, the sound gets better still. I think we should not push too much as we did not touch at least fifty hours to get the best sound.
I had no manual (yet nine), but nothing complex.
Aisment is configured, you arrive quickly find the trs well. whether slap to the large roots, to funk, jazz, rock (but not filthy, one will be ncessaire pedals).

Do not rely on the size of this amp, it sends many, many ... I made one yesterday with my group rptition (edit: even more rptitions ph ... NSName: always send a lot, but with many musicians). Maximum volume that I could put: 3 (gain noon) because otherwise too too too hard. It's amazing I feel like I have a 15 inch branch the head so the acoustical performance is powerful, lungs dplacement tremble with the air and sound waves. Trs impressive.

It will really take into account the acoustics of the room, basement, garage, hall, small room, etc. to have a good sound .. Must know how to play the equalizer!

Clearly I am using 70, 80 watts on the amp (although I used the 120 o -150 watts on other models!) And everything goes well .. trs given by the 450 watts? ?? Stade de France?!


Blues, rock, funk, reggae, short trs trs versatile this little amp. Jou with a Jazz bass deluxe 24, no trouble finding her. His deep mellow, or plutt midscoop with filters. Sometimes close to the stereo, but still lacks a bit of transparency to get there. As for the slap, this amp is really a total massacre! gnial. beautiful rendition of the harmonics.

A major complaint of the same to all this amp: the piezo produces far too many average volume breath. Rduire only way the treble on your bass (if active) or the amp directly. In other words, certain sounds, the breath is so GNR Gnant that trying to keep them even more. They simply forget .. Coup de gueule for making this ugly piezo also not always trsmlodieux treble. This is the ugly duckling in this upscale MODEL. No possibility to bypass, the arrter by a small button ...

Another criticism to this amp, it lacks DEFINITIONS prsence and simply in the spectrum of mdiums. Much impressed by the bass, the treble by which a sound bite and qausi crystal, but mdiums? It's hard to find them, make them alive.
not a 10 is not worth the time, but plutt 7 for these reasons.



This is an excellent high-end amp, trslgr, transportable by tram. fit in any trunk. Trs well for all musical styles, normment of reserves, there will never be short I think!

+ Weight impressive 13.3 kilos
+ Power: 450 watts max
Versatile + of bte
Filters VLE + VPF super effective.

-No headphone jack
Piezo-tweeter and not (its not in the high trsmlodieux)
Breath of the piezo-average volume
-Lack of prsence DEFINITIONS and in some of frquences mdiums

Too many default value. But look at the balance default / benefit balance is. trs everything goes well, no regrets though. Another review of this amp is proposing to use the liquid to change the Visaton and piezo tweeter for compression + remove the acoustic foam. Not all agree to the foam, but the other two options are all made sense.

If these do not frighten small default not, especially if you do not pay 990 euros for this amp, fonez you will not regret at all, less than 800 euros used, there will not better believe me!

dour2002's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Everything has been said on this subject.
The pressure with a piezo tweeter if you push either the treble or the FFT filter. Gnant for the price ...
unbeatable size (for now).


The 4-band qualisation is effective throughout the next race, we will appreciate the knobs of Resistors arrive 2 hours, the filters are "moderately" useful After a few months of tests, EQ perfectly adequate.


Despite its size, this amp has a trs prdilection for low frequencies (around 50Hz), limited by its size against the bottom mdiums. I am pleased with acute mlodieux not the most I've heard, but prcis. An amp that sounds clean and trs round because of all runic. Amateurs sounds dirty, not for you, except with a pramp the limit. Group is well trs: digging out the mdiums means trs well without interfering with the bass guitar or singing.


Like everyone else I bought it for its weight, there are over 6 months, so I had the opportunity to use it in concert as rpt. It does its job, and I like that it gives its full potential in the low, giving her an effective, well located in the mix.

casimir180's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Markbass Mini CMD 121P
Amp transistors
280W in 8ohms, 450W in 4ohms, 8ohms HP internal.
A piezo tweeter blowing a bit.
Between Jack and XLR, XLR output, effects loop, tuner output, making HP external.
Gain, 4 band EQ, VLE and VPF (buttons "magic" to see the manufacturer's website), Vol.
Possibility to configure the output XLR pre or post-eq.
Trs minimalist but effective.
Trs good electronics, with little interference, micro bass.

A reserve of power hallucinating. I never t beyond rglage third of the volume, and again, just to try because it is untenable in a small room.

Argument: 13.5 kg!
In fact I bought it for its size, weight, sound trs little color and secondarily for its power (100W would have sufficed, but the other 100W amps are bigger, heavier and less sound. ..).

I put 9 because I would have a well liked among post-eq and a small compressor ...


VPF: prshape a filter that boosts the bass and treble down and the medium gradually
VLE: a low pass filter which frquence Sets the cutoff.
A, the palette of sounds is standard and it RULES dj in two seconds.
If not enough has active equalizer is also effective trs.
Manuel impeccable. It's people who love what they do who have described, has shows.
I put 10 because I do not see anything wrong.


I have an Ibanez GSR-180, I play jazz.

If rglages are neutral, the sound of the amp like the one we have the headphone. Lgre a color (it's not the fi either ...) but not much compared to other brands.
The bass is a little in comparison to the strait Markbass mini CMD151 example, I would say we feel that the speaker is a bit small ... but again, this speaker size is infinitely better than other brands. Also, I've realized this when I inconvnient able to compare directly with the CMD151 in question.

For coloring (or lack of color), we like it or not. I like to hear the sound of the bass. Obviously this is not a light amp and there is no compressor. Needless to seek the help of this ct l. ..

In my opinion it can amplify a trs good electronic drum set, keyboard, or anything else (for a guitar, unless you have a pdalier modlisations with it without perhaps a little limited ...). Probably gnial for bass.

I put 8 because since I find that when CMD151P is even better in sound, with a compression tweeter and a 15 inch. on the other hand, has not returned nor in my budget, or in the trunk of my car ...


I've had 10 months.
I like: the size, weight, sound.
I like least: the rear wind, but hey, did save space.
I tried everything there was less than 1500 euros in the store. This is the best compromise his / weight / size / power. To be honest, I wanted a 100W amp easy to transport. I thought I put less than half of what I pay the Markbass. It took me a few weeks and several visits to the store to convince me to pay the price.

As for the price just is not given but it is assembled in Europe (Italy prcisment) unlike many brands that spray the sponge and do everything to Asia ... and I did not do better for this price.