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  • Behringer XControl Editor for X32

    Behringer XControl Editor for X32 - "playboy sound"


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  • Behringer X32 Producer

    Behringer X32 Producer - "I'm very happy with it !"


    In what context do you currently use this product? I've been a live sound engineer since 1978 and I use it for that purpose on a regular basis. How long have you used it? For a few months now, after trying the X32 Standard several times. …

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - "Killer console"


    Nice tool, conceived for professionals. I have only good things to say about it. Except that I found yesterday someone who had the S16 and a X32 compact... And I noticed that my problem wasn't isolated: Male XLR connectors can get stuck in the co…

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - cedricjablonski's review


    In a flight case with the S-16 x2 option and then wifi UTILIZATION I do PA for an orchestra SOUNDS Good preamp, the console works very good (up to now) after a month using it live outdoors. The effects are a small drawback, they are a bit fuzzy,…

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - "I'm very happy with it!"


    You can find the features almost everywhere. It's not worth it to list them here again. Noteworthy: Since it's digital you can connect the console to "external devices" via CAT5 cables. Behringer has introduced an array of accessories to extend th…

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - "Very good!"


    Nothing to add here!! UTILIZATION I think this is its main strength: In concert, everything can be accessed quickly and intuitively, there's no need for a manual (which is only available as PDF). You can access the dynamics section quickly, the EQ…

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - "The workhorse "


    The Behringer X32 Digital Mixer is a 32 channel digital mixer that has 6 matrix buses. There are 16 outputs XLR (analog) and 2 phones connectors, with an added bonus of a talkback function built into it. this unit is great for a medium sized personal…

  • Behringer X32 Compact

    Behringer X32 Compact - araubas's review


    For specifications, a small passage on the site behringer and voila. Note: The compact X32 has exactly * The same processing power than the X32 standard, * Exactly the same options and more. Differences: * 16 in / 8 out instead of 32in/1…

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - maxime aubin d'son's review


    32x entries 16x outputs 8x stereo effects returns 6x bus matrix with insert 6x Mute Groups 8x DCA groups Parametric EQ by channel Adjustable delay on all channels Virtual effect rack with 8 slots effects Integrated USB Recorder Re…

  • Behringer X32 Standard

    Behringer X32 Standard - " very good investment for my taste."


    Is rack? NO How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)? What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? 32in - 16out (XLR) + 6in - 6OUT In jack (stereo RCA symmetrical with 2 doubles on in and out) + 2 XLR out - 2 Jack Ster…