Behringer X32 Rack
Behringer X32 Rack

X32 Rack, Digital Mixer from Behringer in the X32 series.

marc IV 02/04/2014

Behringer X32 Rack : marc IV's user review


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go hop in the rack on stage or in the room in the ceiling no matter! very easy with the pc / apple applications!!


used correctly this product is an Olympic efficiency! I like the x32 family I have the x32 standard and now the x32 rack for small concert ... :) sounds great sound effects very honest gate / comp / eq efficient ... requires a little preparation ahead with the pc application / apple and voila!!


no fader so no breakage (weak point on the x32) but for the price why complain.
compared to other (presonus, mackie, line6, other ...) nothing to envy you Säure not disappointed and sav my personal experience very good service! Bravo behringer