Behringer X32 Standard
Behringer X32 Standard

X32 Standard, Digital Mixer from Behringer in the X32 series.

asmileofachild 07/31/2014

Behringer X32 Standard : asmileofachild's user review

« Very good! »

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Nothing to add here!!


I think this is its main strength: In concert, everything can be accessed quickly and intuitively, there's no need for a manual (which is only available as PDF).
You can access the dynamics section quickly, the EQ benefits from a very practical analyzer, an "assign" block lets you freely configure 12 pots and 24 buttons (distributed in 3 banks) to the parameters of your choice, intuitive "bus sends" and "DCA" sections, comfortable scene management and fast FX management.
The list is long, just to say that it's a pleasure to mix with the X 32.


Regarding sound, it's hard to say, it may have some issues in the high end, but I'm really satisfied with the overall sound (post-EQ).


I've used it for 2 months (in concert and studio) and have no complaints.
Yes, I have used lots of other models in the same price range as the X 32 and also at much higher price points. If I had to choose between he LS9 and the x 32, I'd take the x 32 (despite preferring the yamaha preamps).
The hardest thing for me was to trust its reliability, I hope it was a good choice.
It's also not easy to convince bands to use this mixer, but every single one of them has been satisfied and even seduced by it. I have to explain many new bands that I do FOH for that Behringer has released a good product, etc., etc., which is a negative point (to talk to someone and say: "My mixer? A Behringer!" is not easy)

In my opinion, this mixer is for concerts, but it is also quite useful as a soundcard. You can do multitrack concert recordings without a sweat, the send-return connections with the DAW are relatively comfortable, recording on a USB is practical for rehearsals, I'm thrilled with the possibility to mix on a tablet (it's awesome;) ), both to control the monitors and to mix when the console is hidden in a dark and dirty corner of the venue (it spares me having to go back and forth from the center of the venue to the console and then again to the center of the venue and back to the console.
It features a practical built-in talkback mic on 2 assignable channels, the delay and reverb effects are good (but be careful not to change certain parameters live because it's not very smooth), the 31-band EQs are a bit weak, in my opinion, but the EQs on the channels are very good, plus, it also features an oscilloscope and noise gate.

Unbeatable value for money IMHO, I never would've thought I'd get such a console at this price.