Behringer X32 Standard
Behringer X32 Standard

X32 Standard, Digital Mixer from Behringer in the X32 series.

MAHARAJAZZZ 08/20/2014

Behringer X32 Standard : MAHARAJAZZZ's user review

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Nice tool, conceived for professionals.
I have only good things to say about it.
Except that I found yesterday someone who had the S16 and a X32 compact...
And I noticed that my problem wasn't isolated:
Male XLR connectors can get stuck in the console!
It's shocking: I had never had that with any other console.

The solution? I got a metal saw blade and, since it's a bit curved, I was able to saw off the male XLR until the input was free. Then think about leaving a mini connector so that nothing ever gets stuck again, and don't forget to cut the peg. And that's it. I don't even want to imagine if Behringer has to recall its 40000 consoles for such a stupid problem.


Great design and usability.
No manual, but there's really no need for one.

To access the functions, simply press view.


Everything's great, converters, dynamics, filters, effects, soundcard, all good.


I've used it live for 6 months. It's excellent and has everything to become a standard.