Behringer X32 Standard
Behringer X32 Standard

X32 Standard, Digital Mixer from Behringer in the X32 series.

pmaillot 08/02/2014

Behringer X32 Standard : pmaillot's user review

« I'm very happy with it! »

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Audience: Advanced Users
You can find the features almost everywhere. It's not worth it to list them here again.

Noteworthy: Since it's digital you can connect the console to "external devices" via CAT5 cables. Behringer has introduced an array of accessories to extend the I/Os, let the musician manage his mix directly and soon (in September 2014?) the ability to stream audio directly to digital loudspeakers (Turbosound, UK).

(Balanced) XLR connectors almost exclusively. Buy a bunch of cables with the mixer, they will come in handy!

Midas has launched a console with a very similar user interface, but it works at 96KHz, unlike the x32, which works at 48KHz, and with the corresponding price and support for professionals.


The manual leaves a lot to be desired, but the forums and the wiki available allow you to solve any situation.

It's pretty intuitive to set up (easier than the Yamaha AW4416 that I used to have) and all functions have one-push access via the View buttons, which take you to the parameter pages in one click. It's pretty well thought-out.


The A/D and D/A are up to market standards. No remarks in this regard. The Midas preamps are good, without too much noise.

I think the preamps are more transparent than those on the Yamaha AW4416, which render a warmer sound. You can find the same sound with a couple of tweaks here and there.

Good overall dynamics. Gate and compressor on each input, bus, output, etc. You can switch the dynamics pre- and post-processing.

Good filters. The parametric EQs are effective. The possibility to manage directly the outputs on the console, like with a matrix, and using a 24db Butterworth filter is a great plus to filter the outputs towards the subs and line arrays.


I'm very happy with it. A real step-up in relation to the Yamaha AW4416, which was getting outdated.
The X32 allows you to record the mix directly on a USB stick, as well as record/play back 32 channels on a PC via a USB/ASIO interface, and it works great!
The USB stick allows you to save your setup, which is very useful when you do the same venue again or to recall the parameters of a mix without starting from scratch. It has utilities that allow you to set it up offline on a PC, which is nice.

I bought the console and a flight case with casters (it's approximately 90lbs altogether) and plexiglass protection cover (Decksaver) for less than $3250). Excellent value for money.