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  • Hornet Plugins releases VU Meter MK3
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    Hornet Plugins releases VU Meter MK3

    04/26/16 in Hornet Plugins VU Meter MK3

    Hornet Plugins has just released VU Meter MK3, the third version of their VUMeter plug-in.

  • Sonarworks to change Headphone Calibration pricing
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    Sonarworks to change Headphone Calibration pricing

    02/26/16 in Sonarworks Headphone Calibration

    Sonarworks is to offer the three licence pack of their Headphone Calibration plugin for a lower price, while removing the single licence option.

  • Noisebud Listen 2
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    Noisebud Listen 2

    02/16/16 in Noisebud Listen 2

    Noisebud introduce version 2 of their monitor control extender plugin Listen.

  • MeldaProduction presents MOscilloscope
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    MeldaProduction presents MOscilloscope

    02/11/16 in MeldaProduction MOscilloscope

    MeldaProduction has released v9.17 of its entire plugin range, introducing the new (and free) MOscilloscope.

  • Ircam Lab Releases "The Snail"
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    Ircam Lab Releases "The Snail"

    02/10/16 in Ircam The Snail

    Ircam Lab has announced the release of their new tuner/analyser software, The Snail.

  • Klangfreund LUFS Meter Review
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    Klangfreund LUFS Meter Review

    01/11/16 in Klangfreund LUFS Meter

    Let me introduce you to LUFS Meter, a downright clever plug-in that can make life easier to anyone taking the "Loudness War" seriously. And I hope there are many of you out there, considering the pains Audiofanzine goes to trying to make you aware of the issue...

  • [AES][VIDEO] Nugen Audio Seq-S & Visualizer 2
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    [AES][VIDEO] Nugen Audio Seq-S & Visualizer 2

    11/02/15 in Nugen Audio Visualizer 2

    Nugen Audio presents updated versions of its SEQ-S EQ and Audio Visualizer plugins.

  • Genelec releases GLM v2 software
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    Genelec releases GLM v2 software

    10/21/15 in Genelec GLM 2

    Genelec releases GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) v2.0 for its SAM series monitors.

  • HoRNet Plugins releases Songkey MkII
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    HoRNet Plugins releases Songkey MkII

    10/13/15 in Hornet Plugins SongKey mkII

    HoRNet Plugins has released SongKey MkII, a reworked version of its SongKey key detector.

  • Sonarworks Headphone Calibration Review
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    Sonarworks Headphone Calibration Review

    06/17/15 in Sonarworks Headphone Calibration

    You all know what it's like to finish a mix that sounds amazing on your headphones and then try to show it to your grandma on her hi-fi system, only to discover that it sounds terrible. The mix is completely different: It lacks lows on the chorus but has too much on the verse, the vocals can't be heard. In short, it's awful. Granny is about to dis…