Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

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alpinestar45's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
The BR-800 is an ideal tool for both production of complex songs for recording the flight of ideas or his interest. Beginners can use the "EZ Recording mode" and be guided throughout recording. The "Retry" function automatically returns to the beginning of the last recording to start recording while "Song Sketch" feature lets you record a simple push of a button. To this is added a stereo condenser microphone and a function of rhythm with the same quality as the DR-880 drum parts and percussion.
Professional effects

The BR-800 contains all the effects you need for serious musical productions. Most of the effects are derived from BOSS effects processors as popular as the VE-20 (Effects for voice), the GT-10 series (COSM amp models for guitar and bass effects more) or AP-1 (processor to improve the sound of an unregistered by a micro simulating the rich sound of the body of the guitar acoustic guitar). Never a small recorder has proposed processors such power!
Taken on the spot

The BR-800 can be powered by AC adapter or 6 AA batteries, allowing you to save anywhere. The BR-800 is equipped with a stereo microphone, it allows you to save drafts of song ("Song Sketch") with an acoustic guitar and voice, for example.
Additional possibilities via USB

The BR-800 has a USB port allowing you to connect to a computer. If you connect the BR-800 to a computer, it can serve as a USB audio interface for recordings that utilize the internal effects. In addition, the BR-800 can serve as a control surface for your station software digital audio workstation.


The configuration is not easy for a novice, many parameters must be taken into account, many sub menus are available.
The multitrack has many effects guitar / vocals / bass, an all-in-one is a good asset for those who often move. The effects are usable, however the settings is quite complicated and the result is not necessarily in the appointment.


Converters are good for the price, do not ask too much either.
Indeed, taking voice sounds are good enough for the guitar after all this will also depend on the effects that it brings. Finally, for the low, low frequencies are a bit messy.

The effects are so good quality Boss but pretty basic. I strongly advice to a multi-quality effects upstream (other than personal Boss).


I got 3 months, I amused myself with a little but I quickly dropped to highlight a sound card that is better.
Issue price / quality ratio, I would say it is a good compromise for those who have a small budget and wants to have fun making small models.

If you have the budget, do yourself a favor (especially in this occasion is relatively not excessive). However, if you have the means, go your way.

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Remains a Boss expensive in this range."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

I waited a bit to give an objective opinion of the pros and cons.
Connectivity issue is not too bad, I would highlight a rating, why in the complex and did not put mixed inputs such as Zoom, for example? Support SD, SDHC up to 32 billion degrees.
Then the crucial point: the simultaneous inputs, it is better in this price range, even less expensive (R16 Zoom eight entries). The rest has been described on numerous occasions.


For simplicity, yes. The manual is now available in French and was on the site. The rather crude and simplified edition is relatively easy.


Everything is clear and transparent, the registration may be sufficient and be limited to the BR itself if you like COSM GT series guitars, Drum interns, vocal effects VE-20 fair enough.
The simulated low is not too bad but not transcendent.
Overall, the dynamic is good and all but one managed to meet its promises.


I start the 4th month after having a photo Mrs8 as successor to a K7 and a 4-track tape.
I like its compactness, Look, the EZ to record quickly.
I do not like internal mics very / too fast drafts.
The limited number of simultaneous inputs (solo it goes), I had to and because we feel very soon need more tracks, buy a R16 Zoom (8x8).

I do not do it again because this choice already Zoom R24 and at the same price.
Therefore face a high price to its main competitor in this range
and this quality.

Gratt'oche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Few minor disappointments ..."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
You can find this box a little smaller than an A4 sheet connectors fairly complete: 4 input jack and XLR input + mini jack for connecting an external source. A jack for a footswitch, an RCA output. No MIDI.
On the side are taken to plug the AC adapter and USB input (which can power the unit).
In front, there is a 6.35 high impedance jack for connecting guitars and bass and a headphone output (also 6.35)

The sampling is done 44100Hz Stereo, but in a format it is necessary to convert the supplied software to be able to read on a computer.

Data storage is on SD card (SDHC compatible)
This unit can record up to 4 tracks and read 8 (4 mono + 2 stereo) simultaneously.

It is also possible to register with embedded microphones, and a number of presets (editable) are available to fit depending on the source, but do not expect miracles, it is a decision- its really mean that you get with these microphones.


use for a regular, it quickly finds its mark, there is a little browsing through the menus, but some keys act as "shortcuts", and it is rather well done in the together.

The manual is very complete, that in my case it was provided in English on paper, but it can be found on the CD-ROM and on-site boss.
Editing sounds is actually pretty good effects, the big screen is fairly explicit, a dial to select the values and navigate through parameters.


Sound level, nothing wrong, it is rather good, the effects are the famous COSM effects, and are from the Boss GT-8, we can reconstruct all kinds of sounds with this device. I blame him just a little too distos pushed to the factory presets, but it is easily corrected by editing the sounds.

The sounds of the drum machine are sufficient to model, but it is quickly limited if one wants to further diversify.

Note that the device has a function "looper" good practice, it can also simulate a bass or an acoustic guitar from an electric guitar. For the bass sounds is quite impressive if however, do not try to play chords (!), However, for acoustic simulations, it is not really convincing.

There are also effects for the voice, the factory presets are pretty well done (harmonies, dubbing vocoder ...) it's a little more, not of exceptional quality, but it does its job and that to the deserves to be there.


I use this unit for about a month, used the Micro BR, I'm not homesick, and the interface saves time and ergonomics.

However there are some things to regret: we lose a lot of use "nomadic" because you need a computer to encode the file (only wav, and only with the supplied software), because the device does not itself.

For the beatbox ago arranger for editing rhythms by combining different reasons and it would require however a computer to edit the grounds themselves, using the supplied software.

The big downside for me is the touch screen of this unit by the time certain keys refuse to answer, and they no longer work until the extinction / reignition of the device is really hard sometimes, and similarly, the directional buttons located around the wheel are very sensitive, it is not uncommon to touch by turning the knob, which tends to change a setting other than that which was being edited.

At 400 €, I believe the toy a bit expensive, but it's still good stuff. I bought it more or less on a whim without really trying, so if you are potentially interested, I really recommend trying it before buying.

I do not know if I will ever this election, but it's something all-in-one that has no real competition, then ....