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philarmor22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A childhood dream imported from Chicago in 2009 to $ 1000 ..."

Kurzweil PC2R
This is an expander, for technical, I refer you directly to the website of Kurzweil (

PC2R Features
Rack Unit: 1U
Display: 2x20 character LCD w / front panel contrast knob
Polyphony: 64-voice, Dynamically Allocated (upgradeable to 128 with the Polyphony Expansion option).
Multi-timbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Factory Presets: 536 Internal programs (incl. Orchestral ROM set). Expandable to 668 via Classic Keys Expansion and optional GM Bank install.
Factory MIDI Setups: 32 factory programmed MIDI setups expandable to 96 via Expansion ROM Blocks. 128 user programmable MIDI setups, EACH with 4 independent zones, effects and arpeggiator settings.
General MIDI: available with the Orchestral ROM expansion (included in all units sold in the United States).
KB3 Mode: Kurzweil's proprietary tone wheel organ Modeled technology.
User Memory: 256 locations for User created preset programs (128 for regular and 128 for KB3 Programs programs)
ROM Expansion Slots: 2
Effects: Dual Processors (A & B) Offering: 58 Reverbs, 6 Delays, 10 Choruses, 6 flangers, phasors 3, 4 Shapers, 2 Enhancers, 8 Filtered Effects, 4 Distortions, 1 Mono> Stereo, 3 Wide Stereo, 4 Compressors , 2 Panners, 7 Rotary, Stereo Tremolo, and 44 combination effects chains Utilizing unique Kurzweil1s Laserverb
Effects Routing: All 16 MIDI channels Can send to A and to B in Any Amount. Also There Is a global send from A to B for serial effects chaining.
User Controllable EQ: Global 3-Band
MIDI: In, Out, Through (hardware switchable to copy of MIDI Out).
Controllers: 4 programmable knobs
Arpeggiator: Full-featured MIDI note arpeggiator with multiple latch modes, selectable play order, velocity, duration, tempo, and sync functions.
Outputs: Two 1 / 4 "balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs), RCA digital w / selectable format (AES / EBU, S / P-DIF), bit width (16, 18, 20, 24), and dithering.
Headphones: Front panel 1 / 4 "headphone output
FREE OS Updates: Flash ROM upgradeable (via system exclusive dumps)


Get started fast: connect a MIDI keyboard, regardless of the output channel, you are ready to enjoy the beautiful sounds of the expander, SETUP mode (performance) ...

To use multitimbral (MIDI Receive mode) (mine), take the time to read the documentation (in English), browse the menu and overall make some small adjustments to suit your own needs (management of multi purpose, channels etc. ...).

The book is dense and very complete. Editing patches is possible via the GUI of the expander, but the use of a PC editor quickly becomes indispensable. My personal view is that in Kurzweil, the sounds are so exceptional that it is absolutely necessary to work again!


Sounds, just y. .. The piano is exceptional, the orchestral ROM is exceptional (the Roland SRX06 pales next to most of the sets) and the sounds are realistic, of a purity, a clarity, dynamics and exceptional expressivity ( not embedded in multi effects). The Rhodes pads hearts are very good, excellent for most brass and saxes in particular. Also some excellent guitars (Roland gives many more choices in this area ...). Some will say "yes, but today we did better with the synths, given the power of PC platforms" ... Well I would say that expander is the branch and the OS takes a few seconds to start and we are ready to use. Never crash. I would add that the quality of the digital analog converters Kurzweil sounds give a warmth and realism all individuals ...

An important point: Kurzweil has made a point of honor to the design and to design a power supply (14.4 V) specific to ensure a noise figure as low as possible and the best possible dynamic. The signal to noise ratio is greater than 110 dB.

For cons I should say rather that it is an expander dedicated acoustic or electro acoustic sounds for the most in this area and, despite his age he is still often used in the studio. (2002, I had the opportunity to acquire a copy of Chicago 2008/04, the black edition with the Orchestral ROM, integrated electronics younger - yes, I had also that of 2002).

As already mentioned by others, you will not find big synth sounds. That's why I find the couple and Kurzweil Roland XV5050 PC2R complement each other very well ...


I use it since 2009, date of purchase. I listened to a lot of demos on the latest gear hardware or virtual, I remain amazed by the realism and expressiveness of the expander on both piano chords and the other acoustic instruments and electro acoustic ...

Made in 2002, first edition after 2005 I think, should we consider it an expander and vintage collection? Personally, I am among those who consider that it still provides badly in the studio and live by its realism (of, it must be said, to the excellent work of recording and processing of sound samples from Kurzweil). .. No need for treatment with dozens of layers, with these four layers, the PC2R it a hit ...


tititi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Kurzweil PC2R
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Trs easy to use, a novice computer and midi could cope without problem.


the quality of synths and sounds dmontrer Kurzweil is no longer the conductor ROM (PCR1) is a vritable killing.
Pianos and organs are truly magnificent, in short, nothing wrong.


I use it since 2002, and I never tire of it, either as a string sounds for hip-hop prods or more traditional sounds for film scores, I put a little everywhere.
There is much less sound than competitors, but every sound is usable.
If c'tait again, I would do, I bought the 1300 era (with the Roma PC1R), we found little opportunity, it's really a beautiful machine!

Emeraldbird1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Kurzweil PC2R
The topo Dr. Frog is more than enough on the technical specifications of PC2R. I would add just that with the OS 3.10, there is a better management Gnral Midi (GM) as the optimization of rglage effects (setting the scale of the intensity and VLOC for better return of MIDI files. Being given the power of KDFX (PC2R the effect module, but also sries K2600), this adjustment is necessary to avoid saturating the reverb or chorus pieces ...

Regarding connectivity, the output of prsence numrique is fabulous, especially since we can choose the size of two hands (16, 20 or 24bit) in addition frquences, and this according to the unit receiver. I use my Roland VS880 and it is impeccable.


Gnrale configuration is not very easy from the start (at least for those accustomed to traditional expander XG / GS / GM), especially if you want to use the PC2R for s quences (PC sequencer or hard).

It should be matriser KURZWEIL philosophy. I had to spend some time to understand why KURZWEIL uses "remaping MIDI". In fact ils'agit to ensure that returning MIDI channel can be ordered jusuq '4 output. Simply put, if you play from a keyboard matre, you can control 4 DIFFERENT MIDI channels at the same time. Each channel has its Manir of our answer to the physical controllers PC2R, which is trs INTERESTED live, but not much in the studio for squence.

The manual is in English I and my opinion is average. I've seen better ... but hey, with the exprience, you get there without worry, it's why I put 9.

The edition sounds? ... I say that it is not worth even thinking about it, the factory presets are so well done, and it KURZWEIL. For the purists, even when I would add a little "DECAY" on some strings, but ...


In my opinion, is the only expander that restores precision with a range of acoustic sounds simultaneously. The pianos, basses, acoustic guitars, brass, strings, it is excellent. The b3 is good for accompaniment chords, but a little dcevant for real organ playing .... Analog sounds are not top, but it is not for a. .. so it does not affect my rating.
The dark sounds in drum kits, there is no brush kit or Jazz ... and then the volume of each instrument of the battery can not be changed via the RPN or NRPN command (this is not a normal XG ;-)).

Verdict, the sounds sound "very professional" for all that is acoustic, and it is primarily the domain for which I use. However, some advanced MIDI controls' sysex, etc ...) are not gre by Kurzweil.


One thing I saw pass DIFFERENT expanders (NS5R Korg, Roland JV1080, Korg M3R, Yamaha MU80, KMP1 Kurzweil, Kurzweil KME1 .... etc and synths (Korg M1, T1, 01W, Trinity , Triton, ... Yamaha DX7, SY77, SY99 ... Roland XP80, Fantom FA76 ... at least for 16 years, but it is my PC2R purchase the millennium for what I did. plutt I am inspired by jazz, soul, funk, Latin, R & B.

If c'tait again, I would buy their eyes closed. It's so fun to have the money.

Docteur Frog05/06/2002

Docteur Frog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Kurzweil PC2R
1 Rack Unit - Deriving the sound characteristics of the K2600.
Polyphony: 64 voice real - expandable to 128 voices (optional PCX-1)
MIDI: 16 channels in reception, 4-channel broadcast. Function Rack / master
Sound: Internal Voices - MIDI Setup (4 zones) - KB3 (emulator sounds of organs hammond tone wheel type (r) B3 and others.
In terms of ons, I do not do the article ... KURZWEIL it!
The sounds are editable from the control surface.
Two stereo effects processor 24-bit type KDFX Kurzweil (40 plugs of different reverbs FXA, 400 + effects FXB), all cabins and Leslies and perceived FXA / B. ..
2 audio outputs jack6.35mm symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on the connector.
SPDIF digital audio output (S / PDIF or AES 44kHz 48kHz)
4 arpeggiators synchronous (local, MIDI clock) or asynchronous
Midi In-Out-Thru/Out
Alim external owner to avoid ground noise.
Price: around 10-000F


Easier would be difficult ... 3 modes Internal Voices (programs), KB-3 (programs organs phonic wheel) and MIDI Setup (MIDI combining ability of 4 zones simultaneous internal / external)
Editing is intuitive and uncomplicated no.

Regarding the manual in French, I am the translator so it's not my place to say whether or not the manual is clear ... (Smile) KURZWEIL


. I said everything.
More realistic devienjt it difficult. The sounds of pianos under the specifications of the biggest bills Pianos in the world are monumental. Why slam in sub CD Roms Pianos sounds when everything makes sense in ROM in the PC2 ...
Side effects: dual stereo 24 bit processor type KDFX.
For fans of the genre, such as R versions PC2 PC2 and PC2X keyboards, you can use the option ROM for K2600. Indeed, the map ROM1-PC, 16 MB, which includes the option of CONTEMPORARY ORCHESTRAL and K2600 will be available from May 2002. A second ROM will be available in October.


NOTICE to all those who want to work with most sound library in ROM. PC2 Rack is a monster of realism and dynamics. The drum kits are incredibly efficient, the sounds of pianos (Steinway & Sons (r), Boston (r) Fazzioli (r), ...) are a delicacy and warmth of sound copy.
Take a tour of what happens in this kind of sound module / expanders and come back, we hear about it :-)
Dr. Frog