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E-MU Digital Synths user reviews

  • E-MU XK-6

    E-MU XK-6 - "Expansion capabilites "


    The XK-6 has some really good sounds like the synth leads and pads. These are the sounds that I use the most with it, but it also has some really good basses and analog sounds as well. You can figure out how to use this keyboard after using it for ab…

  • E-MU MK-6

    E-MU MK-6 - yoTrakkz's review


    The MK -6 by Emu Mo Phatt sounds is a great synth, I have read several reviews about this before I bought it and I was skeptical at first because of a few bad reviews. But after trying it out myself I will be able to write a good review because this …

  • E-MU MK-6

    E-MU MK-6 - FP User's review


    I see another reviewer gave a 1 for features.... I dont know what you expect from a synth. Yeah, it has no sequencer, but neither do most synths. Long story short, it has the features it needs. Price paid: 600 usd UTILIZATION Pretty straight-forwa…

  • E-MU PK-6

    E-MU PK-6 - "E-MU PK-6"


    I bought the Pk-6 at the guitar center. I was just out shopping for some new sounds and loved the pk-6 after trying it out. I paid close to $700 a year and a half back. I like the rich sounds, and how they can be changed to whatever you got in your …

Translated user reviews
  • E-MU SHORTboard 49

    E-MU SHORTboard 49 - " Good keyboard, but it's not a synth"


    49-key keyboard, some effects (no delay) which attack, release, reverb, cutoff which I can not say the quality (not great I would say), a pitch wheel, modulation of another. 192 presets and 64 128 GM EMU, not editable, but the sounds are EMU (Rhodes,…

  • E-MU LONGboard 61

    E-MU LONGboard 61 - " Good master keyboard entry level"


    This is a keyboard matre use on Mac and PC and quite complete in all over the keyboards that you can find that price. 128 votes, but not forcment all ralistes matrix Entire bank said its really good. touch a little lightweight limit. SETTING THE…

  • E-MU LONGboard 61

    E-MU LONGboard 61 - " Attractive, not perfect ..."


    5 octave synthesizer (61 keys) 128 MIDI Sounds 64 Integrated Sound (most interesting) Editable effects and sounds: Chorus, Reverb, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Decay / Release Pitch, Modulation, Sustain, Aftertouch Announced polyphony of 128 …

  • E-MU LONGboard 61

    E-MU LONGboard 61 - " Is the right plan for the year"


    49 keys, 4 octaves, therefore, compatible with Mac and PC, USB connection, MIDI and JACK. For more details visit the website of E-MU, you can even download a fresh record and listen to some sounds. UTILIZATION The manual is very clear, it is easy…

  • E-MU XK-6

    E-MU XK-6 - Sn2o's review


    So, 61-key synth fine to the touch. Little knob, but their assignment is multiple. 64-note polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts there or many others (not least) stop at 4 or 6. (I aim person) midi in thru connectors, four audio outputs and two s…

  • E-MU XK-6

    E-MU XK-6 - nattem's review


    See description manufacturer UTILIZATION Manual available in French for all machines with the motor Proteus 2000. It takes a year minimum to fully exploit the potential of the system (the software speeds up the possibility of creation). SOUND…