XK-6, Digital Synth from E-MU.

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E-MU XK-6 : Anonymous 's user review


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61 keys

64 voice polyphony

32 MB Soundset factory/512 640 user presets (expandable to 128 MB)

16 programmable real-time control parameters / preset

16 simultaneous / Syncables ARPs

SuperBEATs interactive Groove Mode (16 mute buttons enable)

24-bit dual stereo effects processor

Four analog outputs

24-bit DACs

Two Footswitch inputs


I use this synth for 4 months and I start the take over small small!
I immediately find many fawn to play live and can tell you your exact is excellent with
pattern "bts".
The edition of the sounds is correct (except for the small screen) there is a matrix (pav of 16 buttons that Grente also the chord triggers) that can quickly select trs Miss menu.
The manual is in English for the xk-6 by I against a manual in French for the expanders of the same family and it helps me a lot.


The sounds are perfectly suited my style of music (electro gnraliste)
Also I have the rom xlead 2 + beat the garden and the bonus rom station mp7 dernire that I see this by telling me to rap and it all flows! well no! you can make with this card electro and I can tell you that it has the EHJV!
I love the lead synth pads and some bass!
The reasons for hyper arpges are excellent, they can CRER beautiful sonic textures with a few well-sr modulations.


Short! this synth for me is excellent!
Good grip!
Trs good quality sound! very dynamic! (See too much for some patches)
Report price and quality performance hard to beat (800)
for such a synthesis with the best electro sound banks (and beat xlead garden)
I do it again this choice without hsiter!
Oh yes! I forget I used to be a korg karma yet trs attach my korg, when I tried for the 1st time the xk-6, I realized that I'd long emu. (m if I do more than hardware!)