XK-6, Digital Synth from E-MU.

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nattem 06/18/2006

E-MU XK-6 : nattem's user review


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See description manufacturer


Manual available in French for all machines with the motor Proteus 2000.
It takes a year minimum to fully exploit the potential of the system (the software speeds up the possibility of creation).


As discussed below, this synth sounds kind of good at low, medium and collected (see below). It is predestined to setup an electro-techno-drum 'n Bass.


Apart from all the things that can be said, I really want to contribute to the following: + that this synth is very good for the rhythmic (card forced beat garden), especially lethal to fill in the bass and midrange (over a K5000 synth big in this case)
Be careful never to listen to solo, always trying to complement.
Regarding the effects, set to hand the reverb, which is very good, not the top c! In any event, for synth effects, apart from what is now the kind Radiant C never terrible, short listing of the machine and frankly underestimated and many connoisseurs are aware, we'll talk about a ds 10zaine years ...
For proper use, there is a very effective program, which has long paid off: Proteum of Saxonite (damage to its creator because the project was not profitable enough, but fortunately there are Findus! - He left Freeware. )
This machine is waiting to be used for what it does. The filter section is captivating.

Thanks to its highly modular system Patchcord, you have to take advantage of the best of this bike (as each element of a homestudio elsewhere but here c quite the case).
This analysis was written after four years of use and intensive +!