XK-6, Digital Synth from E-MU.

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JimboSpins 12/09/2012

E-MU XK-6 : JimboSpins's user review

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The XK-6 has some really good sounds like the synth leads and pads. These are the sounds that I use the most with it, but it also has some really good basses and analog sounds as well. You can figure out how to use this keyboard after using it for about 5 minutes because it is so simple and user friendly. I purchased it used so I did not have a manual to go by, but I did not need it at all. The XK-6 comes with 32 MB worth of sounds but you can easily purchase an upgrade card to take it to 128 MB if you want to invest a little more money into it. But for me the 32 MB was plenty enough. There are over 1000 presets on this synth depending on how much RAM you go with; if you install 512 MB you will get almost 2000 presets. There are plenty of filters as well, and they are all easy to work with and tweak to your liking.


There are many effects that you will find yourself using frequently with this keyboard because some of the sounds are very dry, well at least to me they were so I had to really dig in to the effects processing to get the sounds that I was looking for. There are over 25 different types of reverb alone; I loved all of the flange effects too.


Sounds are amazing, and you can even expand out and upgrade the board with sounds from other systems.


This synth is great for all types of music, it was made in 2001-2002 and I have been using it every since it came out. But you can buy one now for a very affordable low price. This is one of the best synths that you can purchase because of the sounds and overall expansion capabilities. You can use some of the E-mu sound with this synth and even add some X Lead or XL-7 sounds too!