E-MU Proteus MPS
E-MU Proteus MPS

Proteus MPS, Digital Synth from E-MU.

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Alan Replica 06/30/2004

E-MU Proteus MPS : Alan Replica's user review


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Connect to none worthy of the EMU era keyboards, keyboard matre excellent (if not looking for a heavy touch). CONTRL sold for the era the Proteus.


Word, perfect.


CONNECTIVITY a unique allowing management of two chains through the MC500 Midi sync and analog synths and modules via output send / return. Sounds from the EIII, reworked by the effects of numriques poustouflants ism. The sounds of drums, violins and choirs tablecloths, acoustic piano are gorgeous. must rest on the electric guitar sound with distortion ... This is why I purchased second-hand, APRS m'tre spar in my group for artistic 'solo'.
The only obstacle is the relatively limited number of sounds and backup / restore to make new CRER.


1997. Because I was looking for a guitar sound prcis (~ Gibson Les Paul Custom + compression + distortion / fuzz). This instrument has since become the 'tower CONTRL' of my set and the sound module raliste such as drums, bass, guitar, piano, backing vocals ...
Shame about the limited number of sounds ... The card reader is not really solid, and the solution of sound cards not take homeowners.