Boss GT-10
Boss GT-10

GT-10, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Boss GT-10

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CharlotteGuitar1@gmail.com01/17/2015's review"Get Smart"

Boss GT-10
As an "on the floor" unit, this thing is tough to beat unless you want to spend about $1500. Before you even start trying to read the manual, just do yourself a favor and internet search "Boss GT-10 Advanced Driver (Name the kind of computer you have)" and then internet search "Boss GT-10 Editing Software." Make sure to go to the dropdown menus for help, manuals, whatever and save all the pdf's locally; you'll want them later.

The sounds out of this thing straight out of the box are Very good, save the problem every multi-effects unit suffers from: from one patch, bank, etc., to the next, the output levels don't match. This is where the software comes in. Yes, you CAN manually edit each patch through the menus and buttons on the unit, but it is a TON easier to do it with the software and then save the stuff to a hard-drive, thumbdrive, papyrus on the way out.

The note about S/N ratio and dynamic range is Spot On. The main reason I settled on this particular unit was the Roland / Boss Chorus; if it was good enough for Alex in the early days, it's good enough for me now. Anything claiming over 100 db Dynamic Range is a little out of my price range.

JamesLimborg's review"The BOSS GT-10 Is The Best Guitar Pedal"

Boss GT-10
The BOSS GT-10is the best guitar pedal because it has the best dynamic range compared to other guitar multi effects pedals, lots of effects (including: flanger, chorus, delays, reverbs, amp models, speaker models, mic models, compressor/limiter, tremelo, uni-vibe, rotary, pitch shifter, transpose, 10-band graphic eq, parametric eq, 8-assigns (allowing you to control up to 8 custom setting changes assigned to the control pedals), full stereo sound, and much more all at a low price (compared to buying all of those effects individually). And now your BOSS GT-10 can sound like Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and other guitarists studio album guitar sound with BOSS GT-10 Patches by James Limborg:

tonmazz's review"Boss GT-10 - A Gigging Musicians best friend"

Boss GT-10
The Boss GT-10 Multi-effects unit has just about every effect a gigging musician will need. Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Harmonist,Advanced Amp modeling and much, much more. Boss uses a new technology they call COSM or Composite Object Sound Modeling. While the average guy doesn't have to know what that is exactly, it equates the best sounding Boss multi effects unit to date. The GT-10 is equipt with USB capability, Parralel Effects chain, MIDI capability, and a digital out making recording a snap. It also comes with an expression pedal for various functions including wah, channel blending, pitch bends, and more.


Having been through several BOSS muti-effects units in the past including the GT-8 which was incredibly hard to figure out, the GT-10 is light years ahead as far as ease-of-use. I had it producing great sounds in ten minutes with the EZ Tone function. It took me ten minutes in the past to know the GT-8 was way too complicated and was going back to the store. It also took ten minutes to know the GT-10 was the perfect unit for me and was never going back. The menus are intuative enough for the average guy to understand and manipulate. When I did get stuck, the users manual was clear and concise enough to help me figure it out.


The sound quality is fantastic and works perfect through the effects loop on my guitar amplifier. The level control in an easy to access place on the top allows me to blend my volume by foot while on stage to match the loop level. In some cases the GT-10 produces such great tones, I will volume the unit up to allow its tone to dominate my amplifier's core tone.


Overall the GT-10 is the gigging musician's best friend. I now have two because I can't imagine going on stage without it. I love its ease of use and the fact that it can do just about anything I need it to in the context of a cover band playing many styles and types of music. The phrase looper is a great feature and is a great way to lay down a simple rythem and practice over it. Some people complain they need stomp boxes as the quality of a multi-effects unit usually falls short. Those players may not have tried the GT-10. The sound quality is unmatched by any unit I have owned or tried in the past. It has also been extremely road worthy and I have had no problems. If I had to find one thing that would be an improvement, it might be an extra long power chord for those places where power is tough to get to. All in all the GT-10 is a great choice and well worth the price!

Mattfig's review"Pretty cool"

Boss GT-10
OK, before I get into specs, I should tell you I almost sold this thing about three or four the point of accepting money for it (which I returned promptly) and bailing out....It's been a love/hate affair but I've learned a lot and can speak intelligently about its use...


AD Conversion
24-bit + AF method (*1)

DA Conversion

Sampling Frequency
44.1 kHz

Program Memories
400: 200 (user) + 200 (preset)

Nominal Input Level
INPUT: -10 dBu
RETURN: -10 dBu

Input Impedance
INPUT: 1 M ohm
RETURN: 220 k ohms

Nominal Output Level
OUTPUT: -10 dBu / +4 dBu
SEND: -10 dBu

Output Impedance
OUTPUT: 2 k ohms
SEND: 3 k ohms

Dynamic Range
100 dB or greater (IHF-A)

Digital Output
Coaxial type (conforms to IEC60958)

132 x 64 dots graphic LCD with backlit
7 segments, 3 characters LED

INPUT jack (1/4 inch phone type), OUTPUT L/MONO, R jacks (1/4 inch phone type), PHONES jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), EXT LOOP jacks SEND, RETURN (1/4 inch phone type), AMP CONTROL jack (1/4 inch phone type), EXP PEDAL 2/CTL3,4 jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), USB connector, DIGITAL OUT jack, MIDI connectors IN, OUT, DC IN jack

Power Supply
DC 9 V (AC Adaptor: Roland PSB-1U)

Current Draw
800 mA

AC Adaptor (Roland PSB-1U), Owner's Manual, Roland Service (Information Sheet)

Footswitch: BOSS FS-5U, Dual Footswitch: BOSS FS-6, Expression Pedal: BOSS FV-500L/500H, Roland EV-5, Footswitch Cable: Roland PCS-31L (1/4 inch phone plug (stereo) - 1/4, inch phone plug (mono) x2)

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Microsoft® Windows® 7
CPU/Clock: Pentium®/Celeron® or Pentium compatible processor 1 GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB or more
Hard Disk: 190 MB or more
Display/Colors: 1024 x 768/65,536 colors (16 bit High Color) or more

OS: Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later
CPU/Clock: PowerPC G4, G5 1 GHz or higher/Intel processor
RAM: 512 MB or more
Display/Colors: 1024 x 768/32,000 colors or more

Size and Weight

542 mm
21-3/8 inches

272 mm
10-3/4 inches

77 mm
3-1/16 inches

4.9 kg
10 lbs. 13 oz.

Maximum height is 104 mm (4-1/8 inches) when pedal-up


This thing is hard to use, let's be frank...Especially if you plan to utilize the GT-10's loop and the 4 cable method...That's why I got it...The FX, the loop, and the MIDI control....I use Egnater/Randall MTS amps and wanted an all in one solution....In short the 4CM didn't work for me...I couldn't get the send/return levels set up despite my attempts at standard "unity gain" applications...I have wound up using it to switch channels on my MTS amps as well as run inline effects...No 4CM....And it works great....The Noise Suppressor is weak after I've become accustomed to ISP G series products...

The manual is clear but if you are a beginner, you're gonna need help...There's an easy to find forum with tons of helpful people....That's how I have survived....


The amp models are something I don't use...I don't care for them but to be fair, I don't care for any digital models...Anyway, the FX are great and you have many options that are all fully tweak able....This thing sounds excellent when used in conjunction with a great amp....

The FX can be wet or transparent....The MIDI control is great....You have a TON of EQ options as well as any effect you could imagine...Wah, volume, shifter, etc...All here...


I really like this thing, you can arrange your effects any way you want...Order them any way you want....It gives you a lot of control in one box....It really can function the same as an expensive pedal board...It just takes a bit to get to know it and how to use it....Ask questions online and get answers...Dive in, this one is great!
Audiofanzine FR12/10/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Boss GT-10
(Originally written by Jojolapraline/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Multi-effects processor


User's manual is provided


I bought this Boss because I wanted an all-in-one solution to play in pubs.

I put it back in its box after two hours!!! And returned it to the store (30-day money back warranty).

You'll need to get your ears checked if you believe this unit sounds good!!!

I tried out clean, crunch and distortion settings.

I connected it directly to a mixer feeding RCF310A and tried out different amp simulations (JC120, combo amp, etc.). Although I tried every possible EQ setting, the sound was awful.

It sounds either too metallic or to dark. And forget the factory presets.

My old GX700 sounds much better.

I've already owned different gear: ADA MP1, JMP1, POD XT (awful, the POD v2 is ten times better), Johnson J-Station (not bad).

Currently, the best and not too expensive setup is a Tonelab with the speaker simulation of a Rocktron Replifex!


It's once again a marketing thing.

They packed the effects they developed in the last 10 years in a nice-looking silver foot board that you'll probably sell again six months later to buy a GT20.
Audiofanzine FR12/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Boss GT-10
(Originally written by Resty/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Effects provided: virtually every effect. Connections: comprehensive. Editable: yes, see Roland's website and test it... 10/10.


Quite simple. Clear user's manual. 8/10.


Excellent sound (but not so good as a Rocktron Prophesy). Excellent clean sound. Big heavy metal distortion. Good factory presets but you can get better results if you edit all parameters yourself. You can add other effect devices. Very important: play with a good amp. With a 100-watt Fender or Peavey you get a killer sound. I don't like the sound with a 35-watt Marshall. It's normal, Marshall amps are not made for heavy metal freaks. 9/10.


Cons: Weight! Size (width). If Boss develops a multi-effect footboard with the same sound quality but half as heavy and wide, I'll give them an award. 8/10 because it's too heavy, too wide and a bit too expensive.

Vundaboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super!"

Boss GT-10
Multi effect / pedalboard / preamp

Everything is editable!

Any digital if I'm not mistaken ...


Well it's my first multi effect so I'm a little lost at first, but after a week it's great, super intuitive!
Editing is super easy and fluid navigation


Good at this price it is not great but the effects are still very good ...
I do not really use the preamp, but the sounds are really ugly distortion and digital sound


I've had a small ssemaine and I'm having! I rediscovered my amp.
Used 180 €, I'm thrilled!

jijisopretty's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Interesting to discover."

Boss GT-10
Features, I do not dwell on it, there's a card manufacturer.


Overall, the use of this multi is simple. You can easily create a sound from scratch by adding effects that are specifically desired.
For basic use, it is clear.
As soon as you want to push a little (because EVERYTHING is possible!), You have to dig a little. Very simple example, I wanted the Wah pedal go from 0 to 10 in the full stroke of the pedal and not 0 to 100. I looked for a little while.
In fact, it is both its quality and defect that we can do absolutely everything ... and unfortunately, the manual is fairly general, although for the first grip. As soon as we want to push a little, need to get by alone.


In terms of sound quality, frankly, everything is modulations without breaking bricks, very fine, really. We arrive at boning frankly sounds good.
As for distortion / saturation, then on the other hand, I will be more critical. Sure it may not require a pedal 400 € which is all to do everything perfectly ... but the distortion, they are not really top of all, it is very ... draft.

I tested this pedal on a neutral amp, clean sounds and modulations are between good and correct the distorted sounds are between bad and correct. I tested with an Ibanez RG1570 and ESP Horizon.


I since I started using the guitar almost (4-5 years) but much less today I dedicated my gear to suit my needs. And this is where the strength of this multi for a beginner, it helps to explore ALL (almost) without snapping thousands of € uros in the gear. For € 400, you have access to almost everything that exists. This exploration can then move more easily to more expensive gear more accurate, better to confirm his style of play to what we love.

The quality / price ratio is great for a beginner or someone who wants to try something else.

With experience, I dedicated my gear, I'm using almost over but it has been a valuable ally to me and for that, I do not regret the purchase.

Eloim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Complex but full of surprises"

Boss GT-10
- Screen 1: A little too bright, it all depends on how it ages (I 2 and rendering is not the same from one to the other), however, the contrast is adjustable so it is job done, even from a distance, or when you need a white cane.
- Button 1 output level: Very wide adjustment range, between that and all other levels of volume (preamp, volume range ect ...), there is little chance that you could not get out of its this little box.
- 1 output select button: to set the machine for the type of connection
- 1 button system: To set global settings, practice not to take all the settings in your patches once on stage. Each site has its sound, you can select one of three Equalizer corresponding to three "places"
- 1 button creation and editing sound: The EZ Tone boss system, convenient to draft a sound, but you still need to reach into the machine to get a nice result. However, the basic result is "safe" to the effects and remains largely convincing for a beginner.
- 4 buttons parameter to adjust what appears on the screen (on the main page of a preset: a + equalizer output level)
- 1 wheel: performs well to write the name of a patch with still less convenient virtual keyboard on a PC will all agree the above ^ ^.
- 9 effect buttons and 1 master button: In order, compression, overdrive / distortion, preamp, equalizer, FX1 (full effect as phaser, flanger ect ...) and FX2, Delay, Chorus, Reverb. Only to end up on Master which assigns full function in all directions, it is THE gasworks button.
- 1 tuner button activates the tuner
- Write one button to save the changes to a patch.
- Select Button 1: Who alternates between channels A and B to the preamp
- 1 Button Display mode: Who alternates the display mode
- 1 button exit: Who cancels an operation or return to the previous page.
- 4 pedals preset selection ctl + 2 + 2 to scroll through the banks and an expression pedal: So that's the theory, but is programmable and besides the manual mode.
Are you still there? Good for the back of the machine:
- 1 input jack 6.35, so for the guitar ;)
- 1 jack 6.35 Output L / mono and R For the amp or mixer
- 1 6.35 jack for headphones.
- 1 Ext Loop, so a send and return in 6.35
- 1 jack 6.35 amp control for controlling amp channels yours.
- 1 jack 6.35 Ext Pedal / Ctl 3 and 4: To add an expression pedal or two ctl for the machine.
- 1 USB jack: To connect to a PC (I tried to download other patches or set directly on the screen, but I always prefer to break me in two to tweak the machine to the ground, I'm a bit masochistic)
- 1 socket DIGITALOUT: Digital audio output (personal, never used)
- 2 MIDI IN / OUT jack: Programmer's patch change rather than typing in the foot, anyone?
- 1 POWER switch + DC IN: Yes, it must be nourished Little Miss.


So we will be clear (well, I'll try ^ ^): Either we take the quick sound creation and operation of the device type (and it may suit some, I'm not criticizing, it's just a way of approaching the subject. sounds But I still insist on pushing a little more research into selecting each effect independently).
Either you opt for the manual mode, or see better (in my opinion) a mix of both. The ctl2 is configured (it is important that other pedal yours convenience) to disable or enable the manual mode. This gives you the option (in manual mode) to enable or disable each effect independently through pedals 1-4 + 2 pedals bank (operation typically associated with only CTL1 and 2 in normal mode). Well I'll try not to spread myself too much on the technical or I'll write you a box, but to make clear: In manual with a good guitar and a good amp, all well thought out and set mode, a panel sounds very interesting at the end of his feet, all without loading tons are tons of patch one after the other (which quickly becomes problematic to navigate). I also recall that one can control the channels of the amp and have additional ctl, then what else?).

Little more than I like: set the ctl 1 to activate the tuner (more practical to look for press tuner, eventually you will see that it pleases) that mute the guitar input, which is used to change tranquillou scratch sputter without the amp.

Ps: I put 6 mainly because of ergonomic


That this is the best ... probably not. Distos may be a little light and FX dodgy for sure. It takes a long time to get some things correct, some sounds are more difficult to analyze and reproduce. For me, it's still okay but not exceptional, but it depends what type of wiring (2 or 4 wires) and the amp, which will give you renderings very diverse.


The main drawback of this device is that it requires a lot of knowledge, both in terms of everything that can be done on a conventional pedalboard, the management of the beast itself. It is therefore difficult to build its sounds, or give a good consistency in the operation of the whole, but I think this is a problem at all ^ ^ pedalboard.

What particularly bothers me about the gt10 is is that some may say: Held a gear on two hours of testing, it is downright arrogant. On the other hand, say that it is the best of the best having known that it is obscure all that is near and I think there's also a lot to learn too.

Made in the only valid judgment in my opinion is this: For less than 500 euros (at the time), we can find a system that offers more opportunity for the same price and the same quality? A system of independent pedal returns immediately (is by far) much more expensive, it leaves only competition from other multi effects and at the time (I have 4 years) I had not found equivalent compared to everything she could offer me. If I had to take, I probably would. But from the time I can not say I'm not attracted to any other type of equipment, which would allow me to have a more objective judgment ;)

Jackisover's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I loved ... I love it less."

Boss GT-10
Numerous effects, a very complete device, usable connected to a computer.


Configuration is not really simple. This machine is a gas plant, it takes real time to be able to know and use it well. I've never been able to operate even if only 75% of its potential. I see here a downside: too complex.


The effects are very good, you get sounds pretty original and can sometimes be very nice, unfortunately it is in this section that I see the biggest negative. Sounds are cold, dry, and nothing changes. We may have a wide variety of add effects, preamps always give the dry side which I personally find very annoying.


It's been a while since I played with this pedal, I'm used extensively on stage. It is very good for a certain type of use, I recommend for those looking for a warm and fat, a little vintage, and I recommend it to those who hope to renew their sound, modernized. Here's why today, I'll sell it to replace it with another pedal that better match my expectations. With experience, I would do that choice. It is important to pay attention to what was really looking forward to making a purchase of this award.