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All user reviews for the DigiTech RP7

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 3 reviews27 %
 1 user review9 %
Audiofanzine FR12/01/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

DigiTech RP7
(Originally written by tazon79/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Very comprehensive effect set: compressor, distortion, EQ, wah-wah, whammy, flanger, chorus, phaser, delay, reverb, noise gate, intelligent harmonizer,speaker simulation...

Digital technology.

The small preamp tube adds warmth to the overall sound.

Headphone output, stereo output and jam-along connection.

Two big knobs allow you to adjust the output level and presence. The display shows the program number or the edited parameter. The LEDs display the active effects for the preset.


The LEDs are convenient to see the different effects and their position in the sound chain.

The user's manual is quite comprehensive.

Unfortunately, this footboard is not very easy to use. It's possible to get a very good sound but you'll need to spend a lot of time editing, considering the amount of parameter some effects have. But once you get passed that, this footboard becomes very versatile and can provide very different sounds.


The effects sound very authentic and can still compete with new multi-effect processors in the same price range. The preamp tube enhances the overall sound. Only the distortion section is not so good, especially if you want a fat distortion sound. It's impossible to get a huge and fat distortion for death or black metal.

The footboard provides the typical Californian sound (like the whole RP Series of that time).

This footboard is a high-quality tool that provides an excellent clean sound and very high-quality effects (especially modulation effects).

I use it with an Epiphone Les Paul and a PRS Santana SE and the sound is very satisfying. The sound is great with a Club Reverb amp.

It's excellent in a stereo setup with two amps. The sound color might be old and not trendy anymore, but it has a proven quality.


Right now the main assets of this footboard are the clean sound and the effects.

The distortion sound is not so good in spite of the preamp tube. Compressor, EQ and speaker simulation effects are not on the same level as modern effects anymore.

You'll need to be patient with this footboard, but you'll get a wide sound range in return . The device sounds great in a stereo setup.

With a more versatile and authentic sounding preamp stage this device could have been a guitarist's secret weapon. I miss that small detail that would make this excellent unit sound exceptional. The sound is too clean, thin and accurate.

Except for the GT3 from the same generation, few multi-FX are so interesting, and certainly no product in this price range can compete with it. This product is very attractive but you'll need time to get to know it.

The value for money is exceptional nowadays and perhaps a better preamp tube (like an Electro-Harmonix) could add more warmth and punch to the sound.

I would surely buy it again, even if I'm considering getting rid of it to get an RP 14, 20 or 21D because they simulate famous amps.

rich93's review

DigiTech RP7
You can do lots of effects with this pedal.
With the tube, the sounds are much better.


This pedal isn't easy to use. I had a hard time in the beginning, but I learned everything about it by using it, so take your time to explore it.
In time, you will be able to get any sound you want.


The sound quality is impeccable, it sounds great when you know how to make it sound well.
I use it with a US Fender Stratocaster deluxe and have a Fender fm 212dsp amp, and I can get any sound I want...country, metal, blues, rock, etc.


I've had it for two years and I love it for everything I do with it.
With hindsight, I really recommend it, but take the time to fiddle with it and get the best out of it.
MGR/Dungeon Master02/15/2004

MGR/Dungeon Master's review"Digitech RP7 w/ Expression Pedal"

DigiTech RP7
I needed some good effects but couldn't spend the money to go all out. I went to the local pawn shop, and because I have bought other items there, struck a deal for right around $100.00.

It has a lot of good presets that can start you off. It allows you to save patches, and try other paramiters out without loosing what you have. If you like it, you store it and you can move it where you want to put it so that you can store everything in your own order. It has a lot of good parameters, and the EQ Bands work well also so you can get it the way you want it.It has great echo effects that have multiple tape delay parameters, so you can get your echo just right too. The other effects are all awesome too and are your ussall array and all can be foot switched off and on. Theres not really much not to like about this unit it really handles it all once you get used to it. Oh I forgot it also has a 12 sec recorder so you can repeat that lead over and over on the play along mode, not to mention you can slow it down to I think its a 1/4 speed and in increments back up to full speed without loosing the tuning due to the slower speeds. Awesome! Last but not least the tuner is right on even tho it doesn't use a visual meter but works well in dark places, when the red lights turn green your in!! It was just what I wanted and more! Iv'e seen them used on E-bay, just remeber to upgrade the valve tube for about $10.00 and listen to this thing come alive LOL... Good Deal.... Personal experience I rate 8.5-9.0

When these things are new, there very expensive, making it hard for your average Joe to get one. By the time you find good used ones several years have gone by and the technology has moved up to something better. It leaves you wondering about what your missin now. LOL.. It needs its own pedal for By-pass and a power switch for off and on. Smoother gliding expression pedal would be nice that maybe took advantage of a couple of small loaded ball bearings that would help set the expression pedal in the desired place, without raising the cost..... Lastly more record time for play along. Getting cut short makes way to much work when your trying to get something down.

I feel that the constuction of the unit is just a little flimsy. I'm not a huge guy, but I am a little rough on stuff. The pedals need to be just slightly larger and just a little more spread out. But not by much. The expression pedal is way to flimsy and if you get one used it better be the first thing you tighten up. Crud will get in between your casing and the pedals and the micro-switches are not rugged enough. Be very careful here not to damage them and if you do your own maintenance on them, use quality contact cleaner. Be very patient. If the switch doesn't always co-operate, I've found that just one very small piece of electical tape increases the contact area from the pedal just enough to clear it up most of the time. If the flimsy window gets damaged where you view your selections, cut out the old one and use a piece of window tinting (heavy mil) to replace it. Use clear packing tape and tape from both sides. It works awesome.

It really is a great piece of equipment once you give it a chance. It really allows the user a lot of versitility. If it was just a little more rugged with better pedal action and stronger micro-switches it would really be great. It also has 2 outputs,(great for recording or running one to amp one to board) along with its own headphone jack that makes this thing universal. Like I stated previously a 8.5-9.0

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Brett Gibbs12/04/2002

MGR/Brett Gibbs's review"Digitech RP-7"

DigiTech RP7
I was in dire need of an effects processor, and liked Digitech. I found this used unit on eBay for $70. Incredible deal. I knew that this was an extremely old processor, but also knew some pretty prominant artists had given it serious praise during the 1980's. Which meant two things, A:It was gonna give me the sound I wanted. B:It was gonna be cheap. If you're in need of a processor, these things are all over eBay.

For somebody who's into thrash and other 80's based metal, this thing is absolutely AWESOME. The pre-amps give you pretty decent selection, and with tube distortion, it'll make any guitar with humbuckers sound like an Explorer or comparable fat sounding-guitar. The grunge pre-amp is perfect for any 80's metal, unless you're trying to get the 'Kill Em' All" sound, which the Sat. setting covers perfectly. The clean settings and blues setting are bother pretty good, and the over-drive does lack gain somewhat, but works for those who don't want a buttload of gain. And all the settings have adjustable gain too, I just usually set gain to the max so it doesn't matter much to me. The compressor, flange, phaser and panner work great, as well as the panner. And it's got the Digitech Whammy effect built in, along with Digitech Harmonizer which lets you use the pedal to adjust the postion of the harmony (3rd, 4th, etc.). And probably the coolest thing is that the unit is very easy to program and capable of tons of sounds, from the obvious lead stuff, to the extreme abstract. It's also got a built in tuner, and the Learn-a-lick program, which lets you record leads and stuff off of any audio source, with the minijack input, and lets you slow it down to as slow as 1/4 the original speed without dropping the original pitch at all. It's the ONLY way to figure out the riff to 'Last Rites/Loved to Deth', unless you play by ear like a freaking Dave Mustaine or something. The unit is very advanced for how old it is, and really does raise a candle to the likes of Boss GT-3s and such, with the capability to run up to 8 effects at once on 1 pre-set.

I have only two complaints. One, this unit is very old and the ones on eBay rarely have a power supply. And Digitech doesn't make power supply's for it anymore, so ordering it from Digitech takes forever (I had to wait 3 months). It also doesn't usually have the manual for it when sold on eBay, but that's no prob. cause you can download it from Digitech in pdf format.
The other complaint is this. I'm still learning how to get the best sound out of the wah, so I might just be missing something. But the problem is that while the built in wah modes a great for leads, the bass on the EQ seems to completely drop out, even though it keeps the same setting. Basically, the wah's useless for rhythm work unless you have a second guitar/guitarist to double it with a heavy rhythm sound. If you're gonna buy this unit, buying a separate Wah pedal might be a good idea. And only 32 programmable pre-sets is weak compared to newer processors. Not that I'd use 32, but most new ones have like over 100.

The unit is solid steel except for the buttons, which are very sturdy plastic, and the person who had it before me gave it quite a beating, and it still works perfectly. And I've learned through a few accidents that water and extreme temperature don't seem to phase it either. Basically it's the type of effects processor that you can totally intentionally abuse.

An incredible effects processor for the price. It's also got a digital noise gate built in to cancel hissing from distortion effects, and works really well for recording, live performances, or jamming in your bedroom with the headphone output. It's got most of the effects that people into metal would want:Delay, compressor, wah, chorus, flanger, phaser, panner, tremelo, pitch-bender, whammy, harmonizer and several speaker-cab sims. This unit is probably ten or fifteen years old at least, and it's still a pretty decent effects unit, even today.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

guitarman13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP7
Almost everything you want, but not all usable simultaneously, good for the lamp


See more below


I have a Les Paul copy with the Duncans and sh1 SH4, clean sounds are good too large saturations, but between the two is difficult to find a sound correct.Je have tried it recently with BC. Rich Warlock in its metal, it does!


I'm having a problem, or so the word ergonomics has the same meaning ps for everyone, no, seriously, it's a gas plant! I have it since 5 years and I always look for a sound to AC / DC! The parametric mids, it's not my thing! Before I had an Ibanez PUE5 tube (tube) that I sold because I wanted more effects, but if I had known "Besides, if you find a used one, jump on it!
That said, all is not black, some presets are not bad facts, its clear notament or some with a plethora of effects that can give ideas to compose. The "learn a lick" (which allows to sample some songs, and then decrease speed without changing the pitch) is not bad either for bedding plans a bit too fast for my ears, the harmonizer utiiser is a galley, but the pitch shift is to sound "12 strings" or arpeggios. I found a way on an amp, for cons live console, big sound. Oh, I forgot, assigning the expression pedal, it must be good if we come to understand how it works! With a 30-page manual in french cons nearly 100 in angais, AC is not clear
2066 & then05/27/2005

2066 & then's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP7
Everything has already been said about this: the main effects for guitar are available. I regrettté no simulation or Univibe Leslie, but then I quibble.
Lamp + digital technology
Effects to edit and save the party users.
Standard connectivity
Very solid.


Very simple configuration: two volume knobs and a presence (very effective), six switches, two groups of four buttons for editing and backup, and an optical sensor assignable pedal easily. One regrets the absence of knob to the effects settings.
two operating modes: Bank Mode, and program mode. it allows you to enable or disable the same effects on a preset and is the only one I use.
Two switches to stroll among banks in Bank Mode, or between presets in Program mode,
four switches to change the preset Bank Mode, or turn effects on / off switch to Program mode.
Manual is clear you did not need anyway long time is generally intuitive.
Not possible to use simultaneously the effects of harmony, whammy or derivatives, along with the reverb.


At the beginning we often tend to overload ...
Overall the effects are very effective, well adapted to the guitar, but still quite cold. The reverb is it less cold, but needs to be adjusted precisely. Forget the phaser, which, in my opinion is quite nase and difficult to resolve satisfactorily. The effects of harmony and whammy suffer from latency quite marked, and distort the sound (we feel it is sliced, it can be space, but personally I think it means ...).
I use it with my Fender Stratocaster '93 Mexico, which I find well suited to multi-purpose (or rather the reverse), but I've never tried it with other guitars.
I do not use anymore since I have a tube amp, because the pedal has a marked tendency to distort the sound. For cons, I had the opportunity to play live without being able to use my favorite amp (DI box required), and there the RP7 is really appreciable. No substitute for a real amp, it sounds more than adequate, thanks to the effectiveness of equalization and distortion. The cabinet simulator is also a good job in this case. If I keep it real for that use.
Note: good complementarity with my Marshall Valvestate 8040.


I have 6 years
The big plus: the use of direct box with live (good overdrives are very convincingly simulates a real amp), the game at home with headphones (although this is still not walking), strength: the pedal still looks a bit light, but has held up well. the rest is really tough. Even bought new, value for money was good.
Minimum: the coldness of his, some effects still not terrible, but hey, we made a cross over and continue with the others ... Has it enough.
I tried two to three other models in the range before the purchase (I forget which), all worse for me. I tried later, and briefly, the boss GT6, presumably better equipped, but also with more effects that are not much. the distos are also less interesting (no lamp on the boss is felt).
Note: I play mainly rock style Doors, Pink Floyd, Beatles, sometimes hard, but mostly never trashy, so I can not say whether this is suitable or not.
Repeat this choice? it is the same: yes, for the scene with direct box. Otherwise, because of my new nampla tube, I return on a minimum of effects (wah, fuzz optionally, compressor) analog-only, and carefully selected ... Obviously, price is the same.
Sailing Sailing.

Nubilalis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP7
It's been 3 months since I use strument for the live and u home studio.

It is easy to use, there's enough to program whatever they want (level of presence effects, which is VERY useful), and so it lends itself well to the live and studio.
The Eq is very powerful, the button "general" presence is very relevant and really useful

An assignable pedal as to what we want with adjustable volume. You can also decide if the trainer is allowed to delay or reverb when playing with the volume.

Be careful with some reverb parameters requires accurate dosing may mar the whole.
auusi if you change the lamp preamp; attention is not practical and it is fragile, so make do
However, a caveat: you can not use the reverb and harmonize together. Why? Space, space you said?


It goes back to what I said above.


The quality is there, and the price is amazing. This is the kind of product where you wonder why they stopped making it. It will cross generations, just as did the Boss ME5 home.

I use a Variax (Modeling Guitar Line6 home) and I put it in a classic 50 and a Marshall cabinet 1912.

All sounds are excellent, both on the Big I assign particular sounds (SymphonyX) and sounds clean to Steve Stevens. Brief the Prog and what I do is the hair


J'lai already said, we will regret what kind of creature.

Ah! hint: change the lamp. Little paper HelectroHarmonix and sound is only better

zig73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP7
See below ...


Config a bit laborious => no knob
Stroll through the menus easy, but no way to "locate" what effects will play on other ... it comes with experience but good


The sound is there light at the distortion and clean, as is used on the other hand effects, sound tends to lose its heat (requires digital) ... But for the price there is no better => BOSS GT5 see & 6 pitiful level distortion ... but a bit clearer in the effects


Used since 1998
Plus: preamp tube, the least: digital effects ...
Tried many things before in the same price range: GX700, GT5, the Zoom, Korg, etc. ...
Value for money still unbeatable
Remake that choice without worries

fot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP7
1 lamp type 12AX7
expression pedal by optical sensor
40 sounds + 40 factories Me
1 input / output mono-stereo line / headphone output
External Power Box :-(
1 million sounds! ;-)


To find a sound, it's easy: we walk through the various menus of the table using the small arrows, we change the parameter on which we are, we record, and voila!
The parametric EQ is a bit tricky at first to who is accustomed to the good old knobs, do not hesitate to look far; downside: The sound palette is very wide :-)

Having put two modes, and Bank Program is a good idea: you can either change radically its either engage or not an effect (grain, reverb, delay, phaser, tremolo ...) inside of the same sound.
What makes that end, we can have more than 40 user sounds :-)
Very useful on stage.


Dixit guitarist Dreamlost ( http://www.dreamlost.net/ ) , to whom I lent it there's no longer on stage because he found himself in a galley amp: "It's horny, that thing!" ;-)

Seriously, the different grains are saturated all amazing. Should not compare it to a Mesa Dual body, obviously, but the bite of distortion is really present. The bass would be a chouille won more present, but there is still enough to shake the walls. With a Peavey Classic 50/50 in any case, it does!

The clean sounds are nice too. Curiously, here we can have really good bass, very clear and warm well (thank you ch'tite the lamp, I remind you ...) with a good neck pickup.

Regarding effects, I do not like the whammy and octaves, which have a "slight" delay in the sound, it's saying something: - \
In contrast, phaser, delay, reverb, flanger, tremolo, harmonizer are downright useful. For comparison, I almost bought a Pod2: all the amp models are quite realistic, as the effects are really useless ... I kept my RP-7.
The compressor is a real qq is little noisy, especially in large distortion. Do not abuse it too.
The noisegate is very effective.


I use it for over 2 years on stage, and it takes the shock! The metal case is .... solid.
The negative point is the case of external power supply, with a connection that is mindful to keep connected, just that:-p . Nevertheless, jacks and connectors are solid, so you really have to go like a bull to break something.
I put only 8 / 10, because obviously we can find a bigger sound effects and more effective, but certainly not for the same budget. Qualité.prix Level: 11/10: o)

Fredtron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP7
Effect Pedals hybrid lamp / dsp, the sound comes out of the ordinary pedal-modeling.
Level effects grd was right to classical chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, delay, reverb, wah-wah, harmonizer ...
The effects are mostly of good quality, like the preamp and EQ.
There is also a compressor.


Fairly easy to configure, to get good sound should still spend time as adjustments are not always obvious (a small scale wet / dry for the effects would have been welcome).
And a big negative for Digitech and large transformer with a connector of an Airbus t'aille:
it every time the galley for the connected especially there is no on / off switch?!?


The équakiser requires experience for correct setting, the compressor is noisy and rather extreme for my taste. Otherwise it runs the rest (I use the effects tjrs back from the direct sound).


A good product to look for OCCAZ