Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain

Holy Stain, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

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All user reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 2 reviews33 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mooseherman's review

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
This is a multi-effect pedal. It has two reverbs (room and hall), tremelo, Pitch shifter, and a versatile distortion. This cannot be edited with a computer or MIDI, and is not rackable. It is analog technology, like most Electro-Harmonix pedals. It has only the 1/4" input and output


This pedal isn't too hard to use. Its actually a nice thing to have if you really want a multi-effect pedals that aren't too stocked with features. Since it's an analog pedal, you don't get the cheap sounds that most digital multi-effects pedals have. The manual can explain everything pretty clearly. The only critique I had of the utilization was the fact that the pitch-bending technique wasn't as effective without purchasing an additional expression pedal to control the range of pitch shifting.


I used this with my Strat, which has a pretty good track record with most Electro-Harmonix pedals. I was a little disappointed in the overall sound of the distortion on this pedal. It wasn't quite what I was looking for, it seemed to feel flat and lifeless very often. It just didn't kick it over the top the way the Big Muff does. That being said, the other effects on it aren't bad. The reverb is reliable, not amazing but it does allow you to combine the distortion and reverb and get a tone that is very cool. It is almost similar to My Bloody Valentine, who have guitar tones that aren't easily recreated. The Tremolo effect is also quite nice, and it too combines well with the distortion and reverb to create some spacey, eerie sounds that are interesting. I haven't tried using this pedal in combination with other distortions, but I'm curious about that possibility. I wasn't too wild about the pitch shifting, because I didn't buy the expression pedal. Without the pedal, you have to change the pitch shifting harmonies by hand, which limits your ability to play the guitar.


I liked the peculiar blend of effects that were possibly in some of the combinations of effects. I think that for the price, this is a decent pedal. I'm still convinced that you are better off finding a pedal for each of these effects that would fit more perfectly. However, for players with less of a budget, you can make do with reverb and tremolo from this guy. I would still buy another distortion pedal though.

paradies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Search tool ..."

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
I will use this pedal with four types of configurations
- Monophonic synth
- Poly Synth (tremolo, chorus)
- Akai EWI
- Saxophone
Not with a guitar, so my opinion is bound to be distorted ... I do not would put notes or too high or too low not to devalue or over-evaluate the rating of the pedal which is its first use.
I would add that I have the version with an interesting change.

EHX pedal called the "multi-purpose"
indeed (haha) ... There are two main blocks. An analog part (fuzz / distortion) and a digital epartie (yuck!)
consisting of Fv EHX effects and offering 4: 2 reverbs, pitch a (limited as described in other reviews), and a tremolo.
Adding the mod allows you to add a kind of chorus and flanger type and mix (red herring?) With reverb ...

There is a single input, expression pedal input, (which I believe runs the Amount button at the bottom) and one output.
Add to that three knobs for the signal (clean / overdrive / fuzz) (color) (dirt = bright / dark / warm)
3 knob sto effect itself (Mix / amout / v)
I April 1 em knob which is a 2 em Amount and a switch that activates or deactivates the mod.
"Both are DIRT and COLOR TONE and rotary switches while
VOLUME rotary potentiometers are. "(Manual source)

it's been a lot of different combinations and it will solve all with here-mo-nie!

Case in good metal 2xboss size ...
Mandatory external power supply (no battery) 9v + center (recent type boss / ibanez)


It sounds simple, but in reality it is not so obvious because the possibilities and interactions are numerous and not always RECOMMENDED ...

As with a vintage analog synth it will photograph the settings that you like or it will be hot to find them ...


So the first thing that has already been said: the clean is not completely clean, so if you want to use the digital effect part is not possible.

I tested this time with Little phatty, a morpho, a cs5 for monophonic JX3P and a Juno for polyphonic.
reverbs seem a little metal ... (And no comparison with the effects of 03d)
But they are used, and alone justify the purchase of this pedal ...

Tremolo is currently the effect that seems the most promising.
But that seems to be lacking is a sound a bit tinny ...

I do not go live on the pedal but leaves a auxilary console, in order to mix the signal converted by convertos may be questionable, with the gross of the original signal. I must test with a rational connection: Synth / Reamp (box di) / effect / keyboard amp.

The distortion part can be used on a sample of clean guitar for a distortion above but hey, I'm not a fan, if I have need of a guitar, I called a friend guitarist ...


Only one test day
J have effects mainly Racks (Alesis MicroVerb 3 MINIFEX, korg internship echo SE300 and the effects of 03D
but also plugins. First pedal "guitar" away so ...
The value for money is good power rmoi who have had used with the mod, because the pedal allows me to familiarize myself with this type of guitar effects, and choose the one that suits me best, then buy a dedicated analog pedal (too expensive to give it a go blind ...)

What I like least is the "digital" sound ...

With the experience I take can be directly pedals single function ...
like a boss Chorus CE3 (step 5), the inevitable small stones and clones, a carbon copy, but all those ones are known to work well with the synth ... (at least in their analog versions)
But for the price, there are a lot of things to try.

PS: I recall that I put middle notes everywhere to not impact the rating of this pedal, which for e guitar seems to be a great value for money to start ...

ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
The notice below describes perfectly the craft, its possibilities and its defects ... Except that these defects are of great benefit for me!


It can hardly be simpler:
- A floor disto: clear / drive / fuzz (a kind of gain adjustment knob with three positions so) - I see no reason why he went to call the fuzz distortion and super fat slobbery good but it sounds really great for Me. The tone control knob with a 3-position color "bright / warm / dark" is very effective.
- A floor effect: two ultra-cavernous reverb, tremolo fun, excellent pitch a caricature.


All that said barh2_0 below is correct: the effects are étrangissimes and sound like nothing else, the bug is particularly difficult to master because the distortion stage sounds REALLY STRONGER when one engages drive / fuzz that plain making it necessary to lower the volume and it is not suitable for all uses.


I've had a year and a half. It is the basis of my guitar sound, to put it simply. His room reverb pushed forward in both my 600 champion gives my Jaguar sound from outer space that I love.

This is by far the best pedal I've owned it and my stereo memory man are the basis of my pedalboard and my sound in general.

barh2_0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Unlikely"

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
Multieffect two "stages":
The stage gain (drive / Fuzz) and stage effects per se (Reverb / Pitch / Tremolo)
An aluminum housing and switches well beefy. Surprising.
I read somewhere that some distortion / fuzz was analog and the digital effects party but can not guarantee the above ...
Supplied AC power required.
Entrance, exit and an entry for an expression pedal.


There must hang a bit!
A bypass switch
Dirt: 3 positions Clean / Fuzz / Drive to adjust the overall gain of the device
Colour: 3-step Bright / Dark / Warm for the general tone of the preset gain previously selected. Warm attention mode, that saturates even clean.
Tone: refining the tone, very effective.
A switch selection effects Room / Hall / Pitch / Tremolo
Mix: ratio adjustment stage output gain-stage output effect. As its name suggests, adjusts his crude metering / modulated sound.
Amount: button tote. In reverb, it adjusts the depth, pitch, it sets the offset (from -3 to 4 tones), tremolo in, it sets the frequency.
Volume: ben ... What volume

It will be clear with each change of effect, be readjusted everything! And it was easier sound unworkable (too deep reverb, pitch while ugly, shrill fuzz, tremolo all skinny, ...) used a real effect. But once you've tamed the beast, we can work something out.

We are far from digital multi-effects with 128 settings instantly underfoot!


Should know what to expect: As with any multi-gear, each function is smaller than what would be a unit specifically dedicated.

We will not have the reverb from a Fender Twin but knowing how to be parsimonious in the Amount and the mix was very nice nice reverbs, deep snapping or playing with the tone.

The pitch quickly make little crappy but by pushing the third, we play Thin Lizzy alone! Okay, that's funny but it can quickly:)
More serious and strong opinions precedent, its use is very convincing chorus, the intro to Road to Nowhere out alone! And power chords, too, would find its weight. Pushing reflection, with the pitch at the lower third and mix in the middle, was a sound for power chords énooorme

The tremolo is nice being, again, fairly weighted on the settings, the tone also allowing some versatility.

The drive and the fuzz are quite cool, even putting the pedal in a loop. Again, change the gain adjustment requires full gear. All


is unlikely to say the least and frankly I do not know what they think the designer of this machine.

It takes some time to tame the beasts. I see this as a collection of pedal effects "Joker" for the little extra to go out in a timely manner or with a single switch, radically change its sound.

The effects are good but temperamental and I do not think this pedal suits everyone. It is like a box of Lego, which builds its heap but each turn.

Then, it will know who wants to bother the Pedalboard of something bulky, non-programmable which serves all of the 36 months ... To see

chocopopz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
2 reverbs, a tremolo, a pitch shifter. An outlet of expression pedals (as beginners are not too careful with that).
Mix, Amount, Volume, Tone, Color, Dirt. 100% analog. Format XO, standard 9v power supply.
For the price, it's IM-BA-TTABLE.


The config is surprising to beginners. We can not combine the 4 effects: two reverbs, pitch and Tremolo.

Although found on the rverbe Tremolo and a little on the pitch

You must read the manual, because there are rglages that can not be invented, especially if you want to use the expression pedals: Amount button to the max for example.


The two rverbes are extraordinary. A bit like the Holier Grail, although a little too pronounced.
It binds to AC to begin and say that ADI, the price is amortized.
We also said that the distos are too much, especially the Fuzz and the pitch, blah blah.
It is by connecting to a PDAL Espression that is the total exploded.
The pitch shifter is amazing. It's bliss, provided that the mix with the dry signal as it has a latency lgre. With the drive, it's amazing: Sorrow Gilmourn is in the pocket.

The Tone knob is super efficient, egg carc'est true that the Drive and Fuzz effects are quite brutal and the tone can make adjustments.
The tremolo is pure happiness, surtoiut with the expression pedals. Can be assayed speed trem and it makes gniaux effects.
It is true that we must know the box and re-rgler if you change the volume of dirt.

So do the math: four fabulous effects in this little magic box format XO.


It's been a year since I have it.
For me, the Holy Grail has become one of mesboites EHX prfres, and I possde wagon (17, the best!).
DEFINITIONS and the best price for quality throughout the range.
I love this box. Maximum score, a condition of investing in an expression pedals and good HP, because it sends a serious bass and Satus. PDAL In expression, Line6 EX1 works pretty well, but the top the top is the Moog EP2 just devantla MGear M-Audio EXP.

Septicaemia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
Multi Effects

Hall reverb
-Room reverb
Drive + a fuzz and a bonus!

selection by the foot switch 1bouton mode, a button for ON / OFF

Not possible to adjust the distance distortion.

The air box sturdy all steel and very stable.

Overall clean and prometeur ca!

no battery box, power is supplied, so far so good ...


The configuration is ... had ... This request is what are the buttons and Tone Amount, more beautiful than anything else to do it do not have much usefulness.

And color option is more shit than anything else, pure gadget.

but it's still easy to use.

Well as long as the effects are ok ... I put the top five because he could have put other people's buttons.


- It does not look like the Electro-Harmonix is ​​violent, hyper-color, Cracra.

-The reverbs are dgueulasse, they do not Intrets Submitted for the guitar (it is very far from a good old spring reverb) and even with the minimum sound level is super color, ca resonates and it cuts the sustain, if you have an amp it rots the bulbs his original post.

Pitch-shift unlike what one little thought does not double the sound of the guitar in half (like Pantera, one guitarist and yet we hear two guitars playing simultaneously) is not here to transform your action DO RE in one, what Intrets? absolutely no! Pure gadget! If not you play Faie false, adds nothing to the ca.

-The tremolo is catastrophic. Besides me when I jetend ca ca n'apelle not a tremolo but rather is mix tremolo / chorus / phaser, nothing to do with a tremolo!

The ditto now: hedge hedge hedge!

the fuzz like the drive is not adjustable either in gain or anything.

the fuzz has nothing but dextraordinaire sounds correctly, but it's still not a hendrix fuzz Fasson let alone EVH, very quelqu'onc.

the drive he has nothing in the belly, flat, dull, harmonic, where's the gain? Even the fuzz is more dinamic.

One of the worst pedals ever Marseilles, cot BOSS looks upscale.

Go 2 because it makes me really pitence.


I use it only for a very short time but I just ca! I regret very strongly my purchase.

the effects are not very interesting, a quality mdiocre, most of the tone knobs as, amount, color are vritable gadget gift it would be nice pass!

the distortion are catastrophic, we do not just settle!

I understand why this dsormait PDAL costs only 119 The brand has precisely on its brand image to sell, I do not see what you do with a few pedals like this! Noise, graboullion, or make them laugh with the pitch shift hotistes say that the fact of your guitar a guitar "caca boudin."

A shame! 1 ca the MRIT no more!