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Reason Studios Electronic Music Sequencers user reviews

  • Reason Studios Reason 10

    Reason Studios Reason 10 - "A new version… with nothing new ?!!!"


    I’ve tried to use this piece of software with a Surface Pro 4, core i7 with 16 GB of RAM. I say “I’ve tried” as versions 9 and 9.5 have never worked correctly : after 15 minutes, Reason’s memory starts leaking. All for a bad start, with an install…

  • Reason Studios Reason 5

    Reason Studios Reason 5 - "Not my favorite. "


    There were no installation or compatibility issues getting Propeller Head's Reason 5 set-up. I don't really know whether or not the manual is clear or sufficient, but can guarantee that you will learn much more from tutorials online than the manual. …

  • Reason Studios Reason 1

    Reason Studios Reason 1 - "loved it"


    Propeller head reason was perfect for me when I was just starting out. I had no direction and didn’t know where to start when it came to software. When I first started using it I was in school and really couldn’t afford much but I saved up and purcha…

  • Reason Studios Reason 5

    Reason Studios Reason 5 - "The only Program you'll need for Music Production"


    Reason has always been one of my favorite applications to use when it comes to music production. It's the only application that has made me put my akai mpc in the closet. The manual is very detailed and easy to follow. It goes through each instrument…

  • Reason Studios Reason 3.0

    Reason Studios Reason 3.0 - "Old but good, buy the updated version"


    There weren't any compatibility issues when I was installing ReCycle.  The setup of ReCycle is confusing at first but it is easier if you understand waveforms and can identify where each beat is in the loop you are working with. The manual gets pret…

  • Reason Studios Reason 1

    Reason Studios Reason 1 - yoTrakkz's review


    Propeller head Reason 1 changed the way that I looked at software for music creation. Reason 1.0 was the first time that I saw the power of softwares and wanted to get away from all of the hardware in my studio. I was able to free up a ton of space i…

  • Reason Studios Reason 2.5

    Reason Studios Reason 2.5 - yoTrakkz's review


    When I purchased it , it was loaded with stock and preset sounds and samples. But unfortunately like most of the computer software programs all of the stock drums were really weak to me, same thing with a lot of the other computer sequencing programs…

  • Reason Studios Reason 4

    Reason Studios Reason 4 - JayDMusic's review


    Where do I start. Well, the unpacking was harmless and it was easy to install. You have a registration card sent with it that is important to keep at all times for the unexpected hard drive failure. Config was fine and it automatically picked up my M…

  • Reason Studios Reason 4

    Reason Studios Reason 4 - moosers's review


    I wasn't involved with the installation process of Propellerhead Reason 4 as it was already installed on the machine that I have run it on.  Although I can't say anything about installing it, I do know that there haven't been any problems running it …

  • Reason Studios Reason 4

    Reason Studios Reason 4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Yvo2000/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Did you have any problems during installation? I just copied and pasted the original folder of the DVD into the Applications folder of my Intel Mac. No problems whatsoever..…