Reason Studios Reason 1
Reason Studios Reason 1

Reason 1, Electronic Music Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

AlanForPresident 05/09/2012

Reason Studios Reason 1 : AlanForPresident's user review

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Propeller head reason was perfect for me when I was just starting out. I had no direction and didn’t know where to start when it came to software. When I first started using it I was in school and really couldn’t afford much but I saved up and purchased Reason 1.0 and I am so glad that I did. I still use it to this day (well not 1.0 I have upgraded) but reason 1.0 has taught me all of the basics in computer recorded, midi editing, using a mixer and effects and how to track out songs for further use in pro tools. All of my music career so far has branched out from Reason 1.0.


The performance of it is great and you couldn’t ask for much more I havent had a problem with it when I was using it and still don’t today with the most up to date version of reason. You can get all of the basics down pretty quick and if you really take the time and read the manual and watch some tutorials online you will be able to go to the next level as a reason user because there are so many things that you can do with Propeller head Reason. If you think you can master everything right off the bat and with out a manual you are crazy.


Take your time when you get this software, Reason 1.0 can be a bit overwhelming to the newbie. Study other peoples process when making music. Learn the ins and the outs of the program and learn how to create a full song in it and you will be amazed on the potential that it has. Its worth every single penny. I am not sure if you can still purchase 1.0 though? They have upgraded since then. You might want to look into that.