Reason Studios Reason 2.5
Reason Studios Reason 2.5

Reason 2.5, Electronic Music Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

MGR/The Moose 10/29/2003

Reason Studios Reason 2.5 : MGR/The Moose's user review

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After years of testing software, I discovered Reason 1.0. This program made it possible for me to make music with the few things I know. I bought Reason 2.5 in a store and it was about €400.

You can combine as many samplers and drummachines as you like.
You can put any sound in them and play with it.
Every style off music can be made with it.
Via Rewire you can caonnect it to your sequencer.

It's not so easy to master your song.But this is not the point for Reason, making music is.
Wavelab,T-Racks,... are beter for the job.

It has a very nice layout and everything is very clear. To be able to use 2 screen is very usefull. You can splitt your sequencer and hardware (it looks like hardware, the NN-19, DrRex, NN-XT,...).
Duallhead vgacard is the way to go with Reason.

The best music production software I've ever seen. Easy to use. Nice layout.
But it misses some things, like a spectrum meter,phase scope.

Good value for the money

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